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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Another new meaning

I believe it's time we reclassified the ACLU as a religious organization. I just read an article where a girl who was valedictorian of her class and the school censored her speech because it had references to God and Christ in it. I hope she takes them to the supreme court and they don't knuckle under the godless religion of the aclu. Then if she wins, I hope she takes ownership of the school and makes it a private Christian school, funded by fine fees of the aclu.

I'm serious. The Aclu is a religious order of the textbook kind. They religiously fight anything to do with Christianity. One can only assume they're feeling guilty whenever a Christian speaks, so their only reaction is to throw a hissy fit so they'll shut up. If they'd bother to do a little research that guilty feeling is explained in minute detail in the bible. (God kinda sorta built that in to keep you in line with his will, if I remember correctly.)

Pray for them. (Remember the bible says to pray for your enemies and they fit that catagory too.) They need it badly.


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