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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why vote

I posted this on a few weeks before the election to some of my friends that had a site set up on there and didn't think to publish on here, but if you read it and come up to another election time, you should at least consider these thoughts. Christians need to be doing this regularly for every election. We've become so complacent that the leftists have almost completely taken over the government. We can't let this continue....

Update 11-14-08:
I'm not a catholic, but I am Christian and I pray this priest is protected by God.

As promised, I thought I'd give you a heads up on it this time. My church is going to have a congregation wide fasting & prayer event from sundown til sundown starting Monday before elections and to continue thru the rest of election day. Please join us. Please ask your church pastor to have your church do the same.

Recently, I replied to someone's posting on here that fueled a bit of political debate and if I offended, I apologize. I truly believe this is the most critical election this nation has ever had (at least in my short 49+ years here). If we don't return to God and repent of our wickedness, we'll perish just like every other nation in history. I shudder and weep at that thought alone. Every election will become more critical until we either repent or's that simple.

In some of the elections we have prayed and fasted as a church entity and when we do, God performs miracles in the election booth. People's eyes & hearts are opened to the real issues facing them and our nation.

I will and do pray that people will be elected to all seats of government from the top down that will preserve and protect human life from conception and will not trample the rights and beliefs of Christians and Godly people. I will pray that all those seats will be filled with people who will protect this nation from all forms of tyranny, inside and out.

I will and do pray that both major political parties will be pressured from God to return to our God fearing roots. Those roots have been brutally ripped from our schools and now they are in utter chaos. It's being ripped from the very halls of justice in this country and soon justice will be in utter chaos if we don't stop.

I will and do pray that those elected will return God fearing judges who will make rulings based on law, not based on feelings or other nations laws.

Ultimately, I will and do pray that the eyes of the people will be opened to just how wrong it is to turn their back on God and their forefathers. For some reason, it's became ok to ignore history and then to rewrite it and not include God or His almighty influence on our very existence. I know it's cliche, but what would Jesus do? Would He vote for someone that is pro-abortion?

For anyone who might be really disappointed by the current crop of candidates as I am, I must tell you this. I recently learned that not voting is the same as voting in one aspect. By not voting, you have approved of the winning candidate. I must warn you.....God will hold you accountable for that.

You see, up until recently, I had decided that for the first time since I turned 18, I was not going to vote in this election for president because neither candidate was a great choice. I had always believed that God would hold me accountable for voting for the likes of someone that might have had a really wrong idea on a major issue. Both of these candidates fit that bill in my head. But someone said something to me that made me get to thinking that if I don't vote and the worse of the 2 candidates gets in office, then I'm just as much responsible as the guys that vote for the bad one because I could have at least voted for the other guy and kept the worse of the 2 out of office.

That's where the saying (I can't remember who said it) all that evil needs to triumph is for good men to do nothing, or something to that affect. Good men must vote since we still are given the freedom to do so. Sometimes, we have to vote against something rather than for it. You've seen petitions on the I'm for the tax or against the tax. This particular election to me is I must vote against a truly socialist agenda candidate.

Well, I hope you understand why I said these things and I pray that you will join me in fasting and prayer as well as voting for the proper candidates on election day. God bless you guys and have a wonderful day!!

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