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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Several vista options fixed in Windows 7...:FAIL

I recently read a post on ZDNet's site by Ed Bott where he discussed several of the large problems very publicly cussed and discussed about windows vista. Several are very interesting and informative. However, I'm still of the thought process that win 7 is just a service pack for vista that M$ will finally have completed the step from giving away service packs to charging a small fortune for service packs (and cleverly disguise it as a product upgrade).

But I thought he left out several key things that are serious enough to garner attention, at least from what I read about these things. Why hasn't win 7 addressed these?

    1. Vista isn't Windows XP.
    2. Vista isn't Linux.
    3. Vista isn't Mac OSx.
    4. Vista isn't win2000/win98/nt4/win95/dos.
    5. Vista IS win ME.

Let me expand on these if I may....

Vista isn't Windows XP
M$ has failed miserably by not putting a selection in the install screen that says install the OS with the "classic" xp interface. They also failed by still not allowing my already paid for applications to run on it.

Vista isn't Linux
Again they failed by not making this terribly difficult to figure out the interface, such as how to actually make the OS do something besides sit there and absorb electricity. Oh wait, they did that. Sorry, my mistake.

Vista isn't Mac OSx
They completely failed by not advertising that this OS is only good enough for elitist snobs and will only run on m$ hardware, none of this 3rd party crap that keeps the rest of the pc industry employed.

Vista isn't win2000/win98/nt4/win95/dos
Again they missed the boat by not making this OS slow enough to compete with these other OS's (dos not compared as they all appear to be a dos system anyway). Oh wait, it is slow. Horribly slow, unless you buy the equivalent of a desktop Cray supercomputer. But then, m$ failed with the release of win95 when they got rid of the tile feature of the system that would allow you to place 2 windows side by side. Yup, believe it or not, m$ is attempting to recreate one of their more useful functions by putting the tile feature back in win 7, which was in win 3!! Just be careful, it doesn't really work like the win 3 version....but hey at least they are putting it back....sort of.

Vista IS win ME
Hey, what can I say? If there ever was a "king of rushing a product to market", it would be Microsoft.

Whatever happened to NFS???

I've said all along....why do I have to continue to pay for fixes to windows 3? Look they're even putting features back in now that they removed over 13 years ago. At least when I upgraded from win2 to win3 it only cost me 25$ and I thought that was expensive.

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