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Friday, January 16, 2009

So this is what we have to look forward to?

I just read an article on Newsmax about the initial senate hearings on the nomination of Eric Holder to the office of Attorney General.

There are lots of things in this soon to be administration that really bother me, but this statement got my attention first:
In his opening statement, Holder promised to devote more resources to prosecuting financial fraud and civil rights violations. He told the panel, however, that national security would be his prime priority.

Hmmm. National security would be his prime priority. Hmmm. Think about that. Here's what I get from that. I thought the dept. of defense and homeland security has that as their first priority? Has he taken over their jobs or are we now turning war over to the lawyers?

Oh my God. Lawyers running wars?

Now that I've got you to think for a second, let's examine another statement he makes:
Holder in earlier testimony admitted he made mistakes in the 2001 pardon of fugitive financier Marc Rich, according to the Washington Post.

“That was the most intense, searing experience ... I’ve ever had,” Holder said. “This sounds perverse but I think I will be a better Attorney General, if confirmed, having had the Marc Rich experience.... It was not typical of the way I’ve conducted myself in a careful, thoughtful career.”

Probably the single most stupid decision this man has ever made is probably the single most important quality the attorney general of the US could ever need and he screws it up with a case of power screwdrivers set on high speed with no safety and a worn out driver bit. Do we really need this man in that powerful office?

And this one:
Holder testified that he recognized that the attorney general position requires some distance from the president. In response to a question on the issue from Sen. Herb Kohl, D-Wis., Holder said he would be ready to resign if President-elect Obama refused to follow his advice on critical legal issues of constitutional dimension.

Yeah right. We'll see about that won't we?



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