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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Amen, sister Parker.

Star Parker, a guest columnist at wrote an interesting piece about what Obummer has done his first week in office. I couldn't agree more.

What a spineless leftist he has shown himself to be, and it didn't take a month to do so. I didn't watch the interview, but I'm sure it was something like this....

"Oh, I'm sorry, we're such an oppressive nation and I want you to forgive us for that. We've been so busy for so many decades freeing people of oppressed nations, that we forgot we needed to oppress our own people so we can truly feel your pain. We're so sorry."

"We've fed so many people around the world, we forgot we were supposed to starve our own people in the process, so once again we could feel your pain. Oh and we're especially sorry for getting a little angry at you 3rd world pests for attacking us 8 years ago, that we had no idea we were supposed to just ignore that little tantrum of yours. We're so, so, so, so sorry."

What an idiot.

Am I being harsh? Instead of trying to focus on things at home, this moron gives his first interview to the largest media purveyor of 3rd world terrorism on the planet. He did exactly what our enemies wanted him to do. Biden was right when he said this president would be tested. Looks to me like a big FAIL grade should be applied here.

I hope you all feel safe at night knowing this spineless wimp is now in charge. At least I sleep knowing it wasn't me that voted for this twit.

Imagine the backbone he'll suddenly develop at home when he finds there are actually people like me that do not in any shape or form appreciate what he's trying to do to what's left of the USA.

Please pray that God will put a conscience in this new leader(?) and he will do the right things, as well as those around him.

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