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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Freedom: FAIL

The liberals have had their way so long and the idiots in the courts have allowed this type of nonsense to carry on way too long.

If you don't click the links, it's a couple of news articles about a guy in Arizona that had several illegal mexicans sue him because he stopped them and held them at gunpoint until authorities arrived to arrest them. (May God richly bless and protect this guy.)

I can't even begin to understand why this even was allowed to be filed successfully. This guy deserves a medal of honor in my opinion for at least trying to slow the flow of illegals into the country.

Good God, this is ridiculous.

Maybe the local sheriff could deputize him so he'd have that in his favor. Maybe he should've turned the illegals over to that sheriff in New Mexico that makes everyone wear pink underwear and work in a chain gang. That way they'd be doing the work that others in this country don't wanna do.

Works for me.

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