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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

When do we get a rocket car??

The upcoming digital TV change out has brought some people to question our government motives. Of course, everyone should question them at times, but who's really behind this plot to make us spend more money and drive us crazy at the same time?? You need to watch this video just to make sure you get what I'm saying...

I had forwarded this to some of my friends and my friend Pete comments that:
"I still think it is a ploy to get the last few dinosaurs to get cable or a Dish!"

I used to actually think something very similar to what was said in jest, but I believe this is backed by obviously, the tv industry to get new equipment everywhere (everybody always likes new stuff), but also the entertainment conglomerates want it as well.

But what I have put together lately really makes it make sense, at least in my head. The frequencies that the cell phone companies use are in the same spectrum that the analog tv carriers use, but there are only so many bandwidth's available to the cell carriers. When the FCC releases new bandwidth sections to be be purchased for use by certain companies, the cell phone companies spend inordinate amounts of cash on it in bidding wars.

Usually these frequency bands are made available the changes in military technology where they abandon use the of old stuff for new things then it becomes available for use by the commercial industries.

Freeing up the current spectrum used by the analog tv providers will allow the cell companies to buy tons more of spectrum use, more than they could currently use. What reward do they get for this? They will be able to start providing George Jetson style video phones to everyone, finally driving a nail in the coffin of the land line phone companies businesses.

That's my take on it. (No, I don't work for anything closely resembling phone business/mfg/distribution/etc.)

So, surely the rocket car can't be far behind, right??



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