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Monday, April 06, 2009

Coward in chief: FAIL

Well now. Here we are at the G20 summit.....

I can't believe this....well, in a way I can.

A friend of mine (thanks Bob!) put it this way.....

One wonders why the pretender president did this? Let's try multiple choice:

(1) To show loyalty and servitude to a known high leader of the Islamic world?
(2) To show everyone his loyalty to Islam is still intact and his so-called Christianity is a sham?
(3) Because he is an idiot?
(4) All of the above.

UPDATE: 4-9-09
Here, you decide for yourself:

Update: 4-13-09
Ollie North says it's a curtsy...appropriate for a coward in chief, don't you think?

Update: 4-20-09
He's really showing his true colors more and more each day. The loser in chief just did a press conference/speech/watch me now show/its all about me presentation and had them hide anything remotely Christian in reference.

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