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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Mis-information: Friend or foe?

When will you people learn that most information coming from the news media is not exactly all there? Some would call it outright lying, but they throw in just enough truth to make even the most wary person get sucked in. Take this gem from greenwatchAmerica....
Most Egregious Claim of the Week:

The United Nations got on the "Earth Hour" band wagon this week, agreeing to go dark as part of the "largest demonstration of public concern about climate change ever attempted." They claimed that not only was the choice a "vote for the future of planet Earth," but that it would also save them money. A lot of money.

In fact, they claimed turning off the lights in the UN for Earth Hour would save them $81,000. Extrapolate that out. If they pay 81,000 dollars an hour for electricity, they would pay $1,944,000.00 per day, $58,320,000.00 or so per month, and $709,560,000.00 for the year.

After seeing that this initial projection of $81,000 dollars saved didn't quite add up, the UN reduced its estimate to $24,000 saved for the hour. But that too didn't come close to making sense, so they finally came out with a third estimate: Turning the lights off for Earth Hour would save the United Nations a grand total of $102.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

Practically everything coming from the government is mis-information, and especially from political parties. How else could some of the captains of virtue get elected???

Always remember, that whenever a certain political group spends time publicly blaming someone else for a problem, it usually means they've already done it and simply want to cast blame on someone else. It doesn't really matter if the one they're pointing at actually is guilty or not, just as long as someone else gets investigated for their guilt. Liberals are particularly good at this.

For example, look at all the new cabinet appointees and nominees... Quite a few of them have some serious problems committing crimes by not paying taxes. Nobody in the media seems to be putting pressure on them to submit to body cavity searches, self imposed jail time and public floggings. Because if these were a conservatives, you'd bet this would be the least of their demands.

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