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Thursday, April 16, 2009

You have been targeted.

An email from my friend Bob:
Date: Tuesday, April 14, 2009, 3:51 PM

First the Missouri State Highway Patrol puts out information (last month) labeling Christians, gun owners and those who prefer State / Local government over Federal control as "potential terrorists". Now Homeland Security is saying the same thing.

I'm starting to see a pattern here.

There are those who claim to be "patriots" and then there are those who pass this on to everyone on their list, thus proving their patriotism.

If it disappears....I have copies.

And if anyone needs some extra Reynolds Wrap (for their cap), I have some extra....

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Update: 04-16-09 1:33pm
A quick note, this next link to the DHS document is on a different website than where I was originally pointed to. Apparently, the original poster of the doc got upset about the bandwidth that was being used by everyone looking to see this unbelieveable piece of crap.
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Update: 04-20-09 10:30am
Somebody else is jumping on the DHS document scandal. Somebody is suing to get them to retract the document, maybe even to get them ejected from the office. This is nothing but gestapo measures.
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A friend of mine in Missouri sent me the msg above and web link to a disturbing document from the department of homeland security. A lot of the time you can just write this kind of stuff off as a political stunt, but with some of the ridiculous changes coming from the federal govt in the last couple months, I can no longer take this just at face value.

Regardless of your political persuasion, if you believe in any of the following, you are a right wing extremist, and thus are the largest threat to the USA ever. What are the DHS's requirements to fit this category? Well, according to the document linked above, if you fit any of these descriptions, you are a right wing extremist:

(Right wing extremist is liberal speak for anyone disagreeing with liberals.)

1. Believe that the current economic downturn is cause for concern.
2. Stupidly believe that the election of a black president is dangerous.
3. Your home has been foreclosed on.
4. Are unemployed.
5. Can't get credit for a loan.
6. Believe that the current outsourcing of American jobs is a concern.
7. Believe the passage of more restrictions on gun ownership is a cause for concern.
8. Are a veteran.
9. Disagree with a religion other than your own. (except liberalism and global warming worshipers)
10. You hate other ethnic/racial groups. (well, duh)
11. Believe that the state you live in should have control over you, not the federal govt.
12. Believe that the local govt should have immediate control, not state or fed.
13. Reject any kind of govt authority.
14. Recently purchased a firearm. (you're stockpiling weapons)
15. Recently purchased ammunition for a firearm. (you're stockpiling ammunition)
16. You are a returning veteran from any war front with physical combat skills.
17. You don't like people of a different color than you. (racist is the common term used)
18. You think gun confiscations are a cause for concern. (anti govt conspiracy theorist)
19. You think citizen detention camps are a cause for concern (anti govt conspiracy theorist)
20. You think that a Jewish controlled one world govt is imminent.
21. Believe that Jewish "financial elites" are partially responsible for the current economic problems, such as foreclosures, job losses. (Remember, Hitler said this in the late 30's so he could start WW2)
22. Disagree with the new president's administration. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 just to point to a few)
23. Disagree with the new president's views on immigration and citizenship.
24. Disagree with the new president's views on expansion of social programs.
25. Disagree with the new president's views on gun restrictions and use.
26. Express concerns with the recent election. (secret call for violence)
27. Oppose gun control.
28. Oppose free trade agreements with Mexico.
29. Disagree with abortion.
30. Oppose same sex marriage.
31. Believe a complete economic collapse of the US market is cause for concern.
32. The potential declaration of martial law is cause for concern.
33. The suspension of the US constitution is cause for concern.
34. Believe in "end times" prophecies.
35. Buy extra food. (stockpiling)
36. Buy a gun. (stockpiling)
37. Buy a box of ammunition. (stockpiling).
38. You're a Christian.
39. Felt alienated by unemployment or poverty.
40. Your parents were unemployed.
41. Concerned about illegal immigrants.
42. Concerned about US jobs going to lower wage paying countries.
43. Concerned about border security.
44. Concerned about the lack of federal enforcement of border security.
45. Think about going to the southern border of the USA and do the feds job of stopping illegal immigrants.
46. Want to go to the southern border of the USA and do the feds job of stopping illegal immigrants.
47. Say you are going to the southern border of the USA and do the feds job of stopping illegal immigrants.
48. Believe that gun control is a violation of the 2nd amendment to the US constitution, which gives us the right to keep and bear arms.
49. You have been taught how to handle a weapon.
50. You have been taught military tactics.
51. Disagreed with the "Brady law" which introduced the 5 day waiting period (in the 90's) for purchasing handguns (and yet mysteriously, people still shoot one another).
52. Disagreed with the 1994 "violent crime control" act that stopped sale of assault style guns. (and also didn't do anything to the crime rate, except make it grow larger)
53. Disagreed with how the feds handled Waco, TX.
54. Disagreed with how the feds handled Ruby Ridge, ID.
55. Oppose mandatory firearm registration (which currently is illegal according to US constitution).
56. Oppose mandatory ammunition registration (which is an endrun around the constitutional requirement of no firearm registration).
57. Hoard ammunition (their wording)
58. Stockpile weapons (their wording)
59. Attend paramilitary training (again, their wording).
60. Concerned about ammunition shortages to private citizens.
61. Make bulk purchases of ammunition. (2 rounds or more at a time, I would imagine)
62. Concerned about the increased cost of ammunition.
63. Believe rising crime rates make purchasing a weapon and ammunition a wise move.
64. Believe the recent supreme court ruling (DC vs. Heller) affirming the right to keep and bear arms is a good thing.
65. Get into an argument over the recent supreme court ruling (DC vs. Heller) affirming the right to keep and bear arms.
66. Concerned about a "new world order" that may cause the end of a sovereign USA. (for more on this, check out this book)
67. Concerned about the economic rise of China.
68. Concerned about the economic rise of India.
69. Concerned about the economic rise of Russia.
70. Concerned about the economic rise of oil-producing states.
71. Concerns over govt officials being complicit to foreign activity in the USA.
72. Concerned about communist regimes.
73. Concerns over govt officials being complicit with one world govt activity. (see book link in #66)
74. You have pipe bombs. (duh)
75. Saddened or upset about the US decline as a world leader.
76. Concerned about the loss of mfg jobs to China and India.
77. Concerned about Russia's control of energy resources.
78. Concerned about Russia using energy resources to coerce other nations.
79. Concerned about Chinese investment in US real estate.
80. Concerned about Chinese investment in US corporations.
81. Ask anyone with military training for help with anything.
82. You are a white supremacist. (no argument here)
83. You have shaved your head.
84. Live in a rural area.
85. You're interested in what is happening with firearms legislation.
86. You've seen something on the internet that has to do with bomb making, weapons training and/or tactics.
87. You send/receive encrypted msgs/email. (Yet, many govt offices are required to do this).
88. Concerned that it is illegal to get paramilitary training.
89. Concerned that the DHS will be using local law enforcement for your surveillance.

Do you think I'm over-reacting? Maybe reading too much into this document? Please click the link toward the top and read the DHS doc yourself.

In order to really grasp this, I suggest you read some books that explain liberal speak (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12) then you'll begin to understand why I bring this up.

Should I be concerned that the govt is working with cell phone service providers to shut down entire networks with the flip of a switch in case of an emergency? Yeah, there's no security like a state full of scared to death people with no method of communication with those outside of their region.

Should I be concerned that the govt is more concerned with law abiding citizens wanting to get together to target plink than they are muslim extremists who already have multiple training camps in the US?

Maybe I should spend more time worrying about the digital tv switchover. Some people say that is being forced on us because it's a better technology. Others say it's because the digital image production makes it easier to pass subliminal msgs. I personally don't know, but it does cost a lot more money, and even with the advent of 500 channels, there's still nothing worth watching on tv any more...except for this.

Ollie North speaks up
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Michelle Malkin speaks up and here
along with some senators (yay!) plus she points out how this was specifically targeting the TEA parties from last week.
The American legion speaks up
As usual, a good write up from scrappleface

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