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Thursday, May 07, 2009

The war against Christianity & Judaism

A non Christian government of any kind (except for Israel) cannot sustain itself. Every one of them is doomed to failure. It's because these entities leave God out of the system (and their lives). I'll be blunt and say this: If you don't see and understand this, then you don't see and understand anything for what it truly is.

Christians (and Israelis) know there is a spiritual enemy the rest of the world doesn't know of, or understand. This enemy is more sneaky and underhanded than anyone you've ever met. And this enemy is trying to set up his own government, which since he's the enemy of God, he too is doomed to failure and is determined to take as many people with him as possible.

He's working on setting up a single world system of government to be controlled by one single person. Everyone knows when you have a government with a dictator in place, he rules the roost and anyone that dissents, is expelled, jailed or killed. Simple as that. The one world system will be no different.

However, there are some huge obstacles toward making this happen. One is obviously being a Christian or Israeli nation. The people that follow those teachings know there is an omnipotent God that protects and provides everything they need.

Other obstacles are nations that follow rules of law, not whims of new leaders. Another is economic systems that are self sustaining without the rulers that be having to interfere with their successful operation. Still another is peoples that are trained to defend themselves and their families.

If you are a Christian or an Israeli, then you know why these are systems blessed by God to operate generously for all involved.

Faith of a nation

But let's look at some of the obstacles. First, there is the Christian/Israeli (Judaism) based nation. If you are not of either of these faiths, then you don't understand why they think and act the way they do. It seems crazy and self limiting with no visible successful future.

Some would say it's crazy to follow a God you can't see, hear, touch, feel, etc. That's also why most people ignore the notion that the enemy of the world is working on setting up his power base. I can't see or hear this enemy, so he can't possibly exist. I can't see or hear your brain, yet you have one that functions, so what pray tell is the difference?

Some say these faiths are self limiting because spend all their time telling everyone what they can't do, instead of what they can. The only reason anyone of these faiths has ever spent time telling people what they can't do is because they know for the most part it will endanger their faith and relationship with the Almighty. Granted, quite a few over history have taken it way to far, but this is the basic reason it happens. The problem is they spend too much time on the can't portion and ignore the can portion. The can portions are what get's God Almighty to bless us in more unimaginable ways than we can count to enrich our lives more than they ever have been. But they stay stuck on the can't part.

So the outsiders (Christians call them the lost) say there is no future in this faith because they don't see beyond their noses. All I can say is you haven't read and understood the book.

The rule of law

Nations that set up rules of law don't have to make new laws every day because the rules are established to start with. The biggest reason new laws need to be made up in these systems is that somebody figured out how to pervert the interpretation of the established laws in a new way not exploited before. Rules of law also prevent someone from coming along and completely changing how things work just because they don't like or agree with it. This has shown to be the most stable form of government yet (other than a theocracy that actually follows the Almighty).

Economic forces

Every nation has it's own economic system, whether it be similar to any other nation or not. Many work the same as they are modeled after other nation's systems because the people either like it or are experienced with it. As time progresses, different nations economies have been dominant over others as each nation grows and/or changes. One nation may flourish above all others for an extended period of time until someone comes into power than has learned to manipulate it to his liking and basically destroys it, then another pops up to take it's place.

In modern times, we still see this, even with many nations gathering their prospective economic forces to try to topple the dominant one, as is what is happening to the USA right now. It's no different than several nations getting their military forces together to try to eliminate a problem elsewhere. It's interesting how some would throw a fit and say how horrible war is, when the monetary wars are even bigger threats to their well being. After all, you can't conduct a war without the money to buy the war machine parts (nor can you defend yourself). So, why not go after the money?

Everybody hates being wrong. Most people don't really understand war. Is it pretty? No. Is it necessary? Yes. That's when most people who don't understand turn and run away screaming warmonger, killer etc. They're simply afraid they will find out they are wrong about their own beliefs and understanding.

Is the war the answer? Not all the time. Sometimes, there will be reasonable parties involved that can sit at a table and actually make an agreement they'll stick to and all of us can take them at their word. How many times does that happen though? Not many, over the course of history. Usually, it may start out that way, but then somebody gets tired of the banter and starts killing things and the next thing you know, all out war breaks out.

It's basically understanding that if you want to teach the bully a lesson he'll truly understand, you kick his butt.

The easiest to understand example is this: since the rest of the world has been unable to kick the butt of uncle sam, then they go after his money.


What is your best bet against loss/failure in our economy up until now? Insurance. Insurance is one of the double edge swords we all must deal with. It's great to have in case of a severe loss, but it doesn't stop the loss, it only attempts to aid in the recovery of the loss. On the other hand, insurance is simply you betting against yourself.

You buy a life insurance policy. It has all sorts of "if" "ands" and "but" clauses, but essentially, you're betting the insurance company you'll die before they say you will. You essentially are saying I'll give you so much money every so often and if I live past this point, you give it back. If I don't, then give somebody else a bigger pile of it.

Auto policies are a bit different as you're paying them up front to help you pay later on for a loss. Since insurance companies have been in business for longer than you've been alive, they've been able to take money, invest it, and earn much more in return. When you pay for your policy, they put the money in these investments and may have to use some of their returns to pay for your accidents.

How do nations get insurance? Mainly, they pay for it. They may pay larger nations, or invest in large military organizations, but they pay. There are some nations that are large enough to be benevolent to smaller nations and offer protection to them simply because they like the smaller guy and wish to give him a fighting chance at survival or maybe they get a price break on raw materials, etc.

So, a large nation gives a small nation protection, much like insurance companies do your car. The small nation may not have to fork out as much money as say a mid size nation does and the mid size one gets jealous. He gets a lot of other nations to join him in his jealousy. Next thing you know, all these other nations jump on the big nation all because someone else was selfish. Millions upon millions of people die for this throughout history. Sounds really like we're a smart bunch, eh?


In order to begin to understand where I'm going, you must understand right from wrong. To do this, you must be able to discern good from evil and the inherent differences. Not being able to do this will disable your ability to make sense of this.

How have seemingly Christian and Israeli nations failed to understand this? They start out with the right intent, then the next thing you know you have things like the Spanish Inquisition. It gets out of hand because someone perverts the original intent of the structure, all in the name of God. Then everyone else holds it against them for way too many generations, all the while someone else is setting things up to do the same thing.

This is how dictators come to power. Someone figures out how to pervert the system they live with just enough to disrupt things until chaos results. Then they or someone else jumps in to "save the day", only to really take charge for their own result. Then the next thing you know, they're in charge. They do away with all the old rules because they apparently didn't work anyway. So at that point, anyone left standing is subject to the new rules and you either change or die.

How do you get insurance against this? Okay, you're a resident of some small island in the south pacific and one particular guy in the military convinces enough of his fellow militia-mates he's better suited to run things and he takes over with the backing and protection of his mates. He changes the rules and he's set for life, or until somebody bigger and meaner comes along. Enter the insurance policy nation who comes to clean up. War ensues and the bad guys usually leave or die, unless the insurance policy nation gives up or changes it mind (loses it's resolve).

Where do we go from here?

So, when the biggest insurance policy nation in history goes down, who will save the day? Who will stop a dictator from taking over?

The answer is nobody. At least from an earthly perspective.

The United States of America has been the biggest insurance policy nation in history ever. We've not exploited it to take over other nations. Every time we've gotten involved, we've trained them and backed them until they were able to exist on their own. At least until the Vietnam war. We stopped the aggressors, trained them and set them up to be on their own, and then jerked the rug out from under them. That in turn allowed the previously defeated aggressors to overrun them within a matter of hours.

This wasn't how it used to be. Take WW2 for example. Yes, we invaded a lot of countries, but we eventually left each one intact and able to stand on it's own. And they have all benefited and flourished because of it. One of the aggressor nations top leaders was asked if they would have invaded the USA during the war and he said no because there was a gun behind every blade of grass. They would not have survived.

But for some reason during the Vietnam war, powerful people in our nation sided with the aggressors and began to say we were the bad guys doing atrocious things and eventually spineless leaders here gave up and left them (the south Vietnamese) to die. It showed 2 things about these powerful people. They cared more about their political ideals than people and it showed they hated their country by literally stabbing it and the ones we were trying to help in the back.


Now, in any given society and time, there is always trouble makers. Somebody is always trying to stir things up. But this time, it's not the same. The aggressor is playing for keeps and we will all lose this time. There are no other insurance nations to bail out the unfortunate ones. This is it.

The forces that be have been tearing down the USA for a long time, crumb by crumb. Now, they're able to take large chunks down at a time. Look what has happened in the last 6 months. The government has taken over the economy and the financial institutions that keep it running. They are taking over the large manufacturing companies that have made us strong and benevolent.

There are few things left that are not under the control of the government here any more. Some of those key elements are your faith, your own personal economy, your insurance (or protection) and ultimately your freedom of choice.

Your faith is your most powerful resource. It conducts your path, your decisions and actions. It's what guides you. Your personal economy is your ability to make money. Money is the tool you use to get things done. Your protection is what keeps you breathing and able to function. Without protection, you're vulnerable to attack. Your freedom of choice is what allows you and only you to make the best decision possible.

Take those away and you are left with fear. No hope, no future, no direction. Just plain empty fear.

Your money is worthless, your food is gone, water is bad and your guns are destroyed. What to do, what to do....

Enter the one world government.

The one world government will disguise itself as your insurance policy against fear. You will no longer have to fear aggression, lack of sustenance, or any other thing because this big brother will be just that. Your protective and providing big brother.

He will subdue your fear, feed you, clothe you, house you, employ you and you'll be all happy inside again. Time will pass, then you'll learn that the choices you once had are gone. Your treasures are gone or worthless. You'll lose sight of your memories, then your hope will be fading and then you'll begin to ask yourself who will protect me from my big brother because he's beginning to look like he has ulterior motives. Your best interests are your big brother's least.

He will even provide you with a new faith that doesn't seem to have any value other than making sure you praise big brother.

You'll begin to notice that even though big brother has assured you that aggression is no longer an activity tolerated, he is now the biggest purveyor of it. He will exert horrible aggression against anyone simply questioning his actions and motives.

What will you do? Who will protect you from him? How will you ever be delivered from this oppression? Suddenly, the fear is greater than it ever was.

What will you do?

It will be at this point, you will remember this: I have the answer. You will begin to cry out who can rescue me, who can overcome my big brother? But your problem will be compounded by the surrounding situation.

Your faith will no longer be guiding your actions, your fear will be doing that. We're all afraid of pain and of dying and those will be the biggest tools in the big brother toolbox. If you begin to work on your faith now, you will not have to experience this fear.

The only way you will overcome this is by preparing now. You can begin to stock up on water, food, fuel, guns, but they will not prevail this far. Big brother will see to it that you don't have those luxuries and protections. The only thing left will be your faith and that faith will be in the One omnipotent almighty Jehovah God. He will be the one who will be able to be your insurance policy against an evil big brother.

My point exactly

But be warned, your faith will be in the direct line of fire of this big brother entity. It already is. He has managed to divide the faithful up throughout time. Look at all the different denominations that has sprung out of Christianity alone. There's too many to count. He's got us arguing about what the word of God means rather than living and practicing by it.

We now have a person in the head chair of our nation who has expressed disdain for the Christian faith (he's accused us of clinging to our bibles and guns). He has expressed his desire and intention to enable and monetarily support things that are diametrically opposed to the Christian and Judaism's faith. (abortion) He actually went on a world tour in the last couple of weeks to explain to all the other nations of the world that we are no longer a Christian nation. (He just didn't bother to ask anyone else)

What are we doing about this? Why, we're cheering him along! I lost a dear friend this week because of this. I had asked them to send an email to the president asking him to reconsider his words of disdain for the TEA party participants where he simply mocked them instead of listened to them. Because of this, my friend told me I was "being mean and they didn't want to hear my political b.s. and that it was nice knowing me". All because the enemy has managed to fool more people than we can imagine, and especially my friend.

The USA is headed down a slope they may never return from if they don't wise up and return to their Christian heritage. We have to return to honoring God and putting his kingdom ahead of ours. We have to praise Him instead of mocking Him. If we don't, there are no insurance nations left to deliver us. We're on our own, and that is truly a scary place to be without the Lord God Almighty on our side.

Is He on yours? I encourage you to ask how to get Him there!



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