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Friday, June 05, 2009

Thoughts for today

Apparently, the obummer really isn't a natural born citizen. All he does is spend time (and tons of your political donation dollars) on everything else, wastings tons of taxpayer dollars, apologizing for stuff we never did and all he has to do is make one phone call for less than 60 seconds and we'll know right now if he's a natural born citizen or not. But nope. He's still in denial.

I've been on vacation all week and haven't even thought about this til now. But since I did, several things bothered me, so I share.....

With the evil forces of political correctness running amok, why has the employee that works for the San Diego govt (that hassled some pastor about a bible study) not been fired?

Oh yes, I've definitely bought my last GM/Chrylser product in my lifetime.

I think the aclu still should be classed as a religious organization so we would at least be on the same playing field. These guys cheat because they actually get tax money.

Why won't CBS outdoors division accept money from to post simple billboards when they'll publish just about any other crap out there? Answer: it just might slight their favor savior: the obummer.

The nambi pambi republican'ts have already started backing down on the racist judge that the obummer nominated for the supreme court. Where are the real conservative leaders our nation needs? We're stuck in the liberal socialist waiting room waiting on the elevator to hell.

My personal belief about the killing of the abortionist in Kansas is that he was killed by the liberals somehow. It's the only thing that makes sense, unless the guy that actually shot him was truly stupid/crazy. No right minded person would shoot a high profile murderer such as this.

And finally, the obummer apology regime again incorrectly calls us what we're not: a muzlim country. What a self indulged dangerous jerk.


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