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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Flintstones, meet the flintstones

Yep, you're about to be one of the neighbors of Fred, Wilma, Barney & Bettie. The leadership of this nation is so hellbent on turning the USA into a communist nation, they're forgetting where we came from and who we are.

They've been on a push to eliminate anything that uses any sort of stored energy. That leaves energy created by means only provided prior to Edison's inventions, or maybe a little earlier. Have you noticed that the earth worshipers (I.E. green movement) seem to be against anything that uses stored energy? Batteries, oil, coal?

If they can't kill it one way, they kill it another. The liberal elite are so jealous of the middle class, that they are intent only on completely removing anything remotely resembling comfort and capability. They have lots of lovely catch phrases, like buckle up: it's the law. Do they really care if you smash your face all over the pavement?

No, because if you do, you won't be using stored energy any more. All seat belt laws are for is to force you into more control by means other than self and to extract more of your hard earned dollars from your pocket for no apparent reason.

They don't want you to use any kind of electric but solar. The reason is that solar power doesn't create enough stored energy to be useful, unless you can build a field of collectors the size of Rhode Island. I'm sure that'll be in danger as soon as it's chic to start worshiping the sun again.

Kalifornia just successfully requisitioned the EPA to increase fuel efficiency requirements of vehicles, and if I read the article right, if paves the way for that rule to be applied to all 50 states. What exactly does that mean to you and I that doesn't live in the Politburo of Kalifornia?

It means you will no longer be able to choose a car or truck that meets YOUR needs, only what meets what the govt THINKS you need. Fuel efficient? Yep. Power? Nope. You'll be lucky to find something that will haul 4 bales of hay down a steep hill after this is fully implemented. Tykes on trikes will go faster down the sidewalk that you will be able with these new cars.

Better be finding a good pair of shoes (if there even are any left) and start working on those leg muscles....



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