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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Baron Hill is a coward

Baron Hill (my Indiana district representative - and local elected failure) is showing his true colors. He has now resorted to the easy way out of a disagreement by using the standard form of exit by all democrats these calling you a name then leaving.

Yeah, I believe 4th graders do that too.

He was interviewed by the Washington Post and called anyone who disagrees with him a terrorist.

My fellow Americans, please hear this:
This is what the Democrats/liberals think of anyone who disagrees with them: They literally think you are a terrorist.

I guess they feel they must call us that because we upset their Utopian apple cart.

Apparently the old adage applies to old Baron as well... if you can't run with the big dogs, stay on the porch. He's must be really afraid of the very people that elected him.

He said in the wapo article that he is trying to control the event. I'm sorry Mr. Hill, but the event is not yours to control. You didn't appoint yourself to that office, we the people elected you and now you're too afraid to meet with us to give us ANY reason (that will actually hold water) you lied to us about how you will be a "blue dog". You're an insult to dogs everywhere.

Mr Hill, I have not met one single person who is in favor of any health care reform. What I've learned in my short years on this planet is that health care is expensive. I've learned that the biggest reason it is expensive is due to lots of regulations. Why don't you fix some of that problem, then more people can afford to get better health care coverage.

Lots of people have lost their healthcare coverage since the first of the year due to stuff you are doing in Congress.

If you wish to truly help people, fix stuff that's actually broken first. Like you could start by cleaning out fannie mae and freddie mac. Then place some TIGHT controls on the FED so they'd stop wrecking the economy. Then stop giving TONS of bailout money to banks, car companies and the like. Then, place some limits on frivolous lawsuits against Dr.'s and insurance companies (and allow the FDA to be equally liable). You are literally wasting untold amounts of money on useless things and programs while not even addressing what you are doing to our future.

You're wrecking it and hiding behind your democrat coattails. Please, just resign and give it up before you kill us all.

Here's some questions for you:
1. Will you vote for a bill that contains language that forces congress to abide by the same healthcare rules that the general citizenry does?
2. Will vote for a bill that forces elderly people to get counseling on how to end their life willingly?
3. Will you vote for a bill that allows anyone other than the family of a sick/injured person to pull the plug?
4. Will you vote for a bill that allows for funding of fetus murder?
5. Will you vote for a bill that prevents me in any way of purchasing my own health insurance?
6. Will you vote for a bill that forces me in any way to drop my current healthcare plan?
7. Will you vote for a bill that forces a doctor to include any consideration of cost in his choice offerings to a patient?
8. Will you vote for a bill that places cost above a human life? (don't spend money if the patient only lives another year)
9. Will you actually read this bill from front to back before voting on it?

Now, Mr. Hill, I'm all ears. Convince me I'm wrong (without using a lawyer).

Here's a possible way to see how it's supposed to be done....

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