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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Change: Obama style

The obummer campaigned on fundamental change to America. All the poor people screamed yay! Of course, they're expecting to be brought up out of the poverty they exist in now. Yay! A new ray of hope! Some even expected it on a silver platter.

However, the rest of us shudder to think that our worst fears and projections from late last fall are coming to fruition. The latest thing I hear is that the anointed one is calling for a longer school year.

What exactly this will accomplish (on the plus side) is beyond me. Obummer must really have it out for the working people and entrepreneurs. Does he hate us that much?

This sort of requirement will have the wonderful side affect of making more children than ever come back to school after running away from the worthless institution it has become now. Force the poor little tykes into more indoctrination, yeah, that'll help.

Let's see, what all can I wreck in the economy this week? Tourism, motels, airlines, travel oriented companies, anyone or company that employees people with children, and who knows what else. Where is SEIU in responding to this new disaster in the making????

Good Lord, I can just see the arguments starting over who gets the week off and who doesn't with this type of arrangement.

This is the type of stuff that every state in the union should be declaring their 10th amendment rights, if they haven't already. The federal government needs to get their nose out of the education business before it completely fails the entire nation.

I'm so happy. Just think. The government is doing to the car buisiness and the education system what it has done to the post office, medicare, banking and real estate. If it weren't for the failures of the banking and real estate markets, we wouldn't be in this position right now. And those would not have failed if the govt had kept their noses out of them.

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