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Monday, September 21, 2009

God never ceases to amaze!

I sat down at my pc this past Saturday to do some work on a church project and flipped the tv on just for the noise. But sometimes, things happen that change your day completely. Apparently, the last time the tv was on, it was on the Fox News Channel (FNC), so that was what I got when powering back on.

To say the least, I was not prepared for what I heard. Before I could spin back around in my chair, a public service announcement came on the air wishing the children of Israel happy new year (Rosh Hashannah). I was just so blessed to hear this as I couldn't believe I just heard this on a national broadcast station, even if it was FNC. As it turns out, Glenn Beck was coming on the air and his monologue was a rerun from Thursday or Friday, but I didn't listen much as I was still in awe of seeing this clip on there for Rosh Hashannah.

Finally, a commercial came on at the end of his monologue and I turned back around to start on my project and I noticed that Beck went to a live segment, or one from a show I had missed. Anyway, in it, he had a guest on (that I can't remember the name of, it may have been George Foreman) and they were discussing the general direction of our great nation. It definitely wasn't the right way, not even considering my opinion of that, as they started mentioning all the problems with obummer's cabinet, plus the acorn scandal and others.

Then, Beck asked his guest a question. He asked "What is wrong with America? What do we need to do about this?" (At least as I remember his questions....) I thought to myself...I know what is wrong...they have abandoned God. They need to turn from their wickedness and get on their knees and ask for forgiveness before God completely forsakes us.

Then, to my amazement, Beck says almost the same exact thing. I was flabbergasted. Twice, in less than an hour, this news network had all but knocked me out of my chair. If I was amazed at the Rosh Hashannah clip, I was blown away by this. I was so wildly blessed, that all I could do was to weep.

Then this morning, I read this blog entry on Big Hollywood from actress Victoria Jackson. Wow, I'm just amazed at how God can lift your spirits up this way. Thank you Lord!



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