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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Movie recollection time!

There's a scene in the Bruce Willis action flick "Die Hard" where the bad guys are about to break thru the last layer of protection on the safe (keeping them from millions in bonds) when the electrical locks take over and they're left with no ability to go further (kind of a hokey plot premise, if you're really worried about the plot at this point of the film).

When the guy cutting thru the layers of the safe expresses his grief over this new found supposedly unbreakable layer of protection, the head bad guy says something to the affect of don't worry, it's Christmas, a time of miracles!

Then, the tough FBI guys decide to cut the power to the bldg which deactivates the locks on the safe. When this happens, the head bad guy says something like, you look for miracles, I give you the FBI. And suddenly they're in the safe getting their loot.

Now, imagine this for a minute....

The democrats have long decried the Republicans as slavedrivers, taskmasters, bigots, and all kinds of the worst adjectives that conjure up terrible mental descriptions of what the Republican party is. Let's not go where I could easily go (the democrats are actually slavedrivers and bigots).

Anyway, they've been trying to tear the party down with all kinds of comments and rumors, etc wishing for the miracle that us conservatives would just go away.

Well, apparently, it's Christmas, and the democrats were awarded their miracle in the form of Michael Steele heading the Republican party. Merry Christmas, liberals. What a racist idiot.

He needs to be ousted as much as the obummer, reid and pelosi tyrants do. Then maybe the Republicans can be brought back to the real conservatism it should be following, not the obamalite faction they have become.



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