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Friday, December 18, 2009


Why is congress and the president ignoring our constitution?

Why is the media ignoring this?

The anti Christian lawyers union (aclu) seems to get a LOT of media play because they seem to have found something in the constitution called separate of church and state, whereas nobody has been able to show me where exactly that is in the constitution (but I digress).

Why doesn't anyone in the media start a big ruckus about just how unconstitutional these big spending bills are, not because they spend money, but because they constantly impose more controls on society that there is no authority given to the government to do such? The takeover of the banks, the big car companies, and the potential takeover of healthcare and energy are just 2 more examples of this unconstitutional power grab the govt is taking.

How are we to battle this?

Praying people should be constantly talking to God about this as that would seem to be the only way out at this point. I realize Americans and the capitalist system we live in can repair itself on it own, if only the govt would leave it alone. It has rebounded every single time, even with some govt meddling in the past. But the govt has never meddled this much before. This is dangerous to our very existence.

If you don't believe this, look at the debt our federal govt has amassed at this point. If they didn't spend another dime, it will take at least 2 generations just to pay it off. What happens when the debt collectors come knocking?

It certainly looks like it's being done on purpose to destroy our way of life. I've always known there are a lot of jealous people in the world that really hated us because we were a very blessed nation. However, it would seem that there are now some supposed Americans who have been convinced of this as well and they seem hell bent on making us pay for their jealousy.

I guess that we always are the 1 nation that comes to the rescue when there is a problem or tragedy somewhere and nobody ever remembers that.

Sheesh. Not only am I stuck on a planet of bad drivers, but a planet full of ingrates. Great.

Those of you who aren't ingrates, please pray that they'll have some compassion and stop trying to destroy us. Believe it or not, we still aren't the enemy. (as some certain undocumented presidents would have the world believe)

I would also urge you to start looking at your potential candidates for election next year. We need to fill every seat with someone that would pass at least 1 bill to make it law that the govt HAS to have a balanced budget.

May God still richly bless you and keep you. Merry Christmas!



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