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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Court idiots

I applaud Montana's legislature for standing up to govt tyranny where it comes to 2nd amendment rights. I think all 50 states should do the same. That said....

But, Montana apparently isn't the bastion of freedom my previous sentence would lead you to believe. A court there has ruled against free speech, which is a constitutional violation imho.

Some kid who was a valedictorian at her high school had to have her speech approved. (When did that start by the way?) And the mentally challenged judge ruled against her 1 mention of Jesus and 1 mention of God, neither in which case was she using in prayer or preaching.

I don't understand how schools can force a valedictorian to allow them to "approve" their speech. That should be considered a violation of their free speech rights to begin with. You would think if a kid was smart enough to be valedictorian, their speech would reflect a little bit of the mental meddle required to give such a speech that would have meaning to the giver as well as the audience. I submit that most valedictorians have more mental meddle than this particular court judge.

Good God, these liberals are killing us!

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