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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More facts that aren't quite factual

Here's an interview posted on my local radio station site with our Indiana 9th district non representative, Baron Hill.

Poor Baron needs to be let out of the enclosed room he lives in. I can't believe this guy is actually dumb enough to use poll numbers that clearly show the American people do not want health care reform in this manner, but he still says that poll is distorted. He had to resort to polls from, shall we say, left leaning orgs to show the numbers even close to being evenly split.

The gall of this guy. A poll shows 70% of the people don't want this reform pkg, yet he said this is distorted. Sounds more like it to me that his brain is distorted. Check this unrelated poll.

I still wonder what kind of bribe the obummer administration offered him to get his vote. It's either that, or he's using his office for personal gain. I remember at a tea party protest he was brave enough to confront that he said he was pushing for this health care bill because his daughter was having trouble getting health care coverage for an existing condition. Which is it? Did you get a bribe, or are you making us pay for your daughter's health care coverage?

Hill is actually dumb enough to say:
People will begin to warm up to the health care changes once they begin seeing the benefits.

Would that be the massive tax hikes benefit, or the massive fines for people that don't want it, the massive forced inclusion of people into the system that don't need it, or the massive increase of IRS employees to coerce us into buying into this load of crap? What about the portion that says it's mandatory that I have an RFID chip implanted in me so they can keep track of me?

Or perhaps the death panels option? Poor Baron seems to believe this is a myth. Hmm. Well, I guess poor Baron still hasn't read the bill because it is now officially up to the government as to whether or not you will be able to receive the health care you seek. If that happens to be life threatening, then I'd say we can call that a death panel.

My request of poor Baron is this: put it up to a vote and see just what the people of the 9th district believe. I'll bet it's not what you wish it was.

He's so deceived.

Poor Baron.

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