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Friday, March 05, 2010

The opposition

If you have any clue to what is going on in politics these days, I'm sure you might be aware of the involvement of a PAC called These cutthroats are the lunatic fringe of the liberal side of the democrat party. They are funded by George Soros, the ultra billionaire from another country, with one agenda: the total destruction of the USA as we have known it to be.

They hide behind the hijacked label of democrat. These guys are not democrats in any way shape or form. They're socialists/marxists/commies/progressives bent only destroying the one decent thing left on the planet preventing them to totally take over the planet. The Good ole USA.

Don't believe me?

Check out the wording on one of their recent requests to get people to sign a petition to ditch Blanche Lincoln, senator from Arkansas up for re-election:

Dear MoveOn member,

Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln doesn't act much like a Democrat--so why is the party establishment in Washington jumping to her defense?

The chair of the Senate Democrats' campaign committee said yesterday, "We always support our incumbents. We are with Blanche Lincoln."

That's outrageous given that she's facing a serious primary challenge from Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter--a genuine Democrat who won't side with corporate interests to block President Obama's agenda.

Democratic voters in Arkansas deserve an opportunity to choose the party's nominee for themselves. Can you sign our petition urging the party establishment to stand aside instead of supporting Lincoln? The petition says, "Democratic Party committees and elected officials shouldn't spend any time or money supporting Blanche Lincoln's primary campaign or attacking her challenger, Bill Halter."

Sure, Democratic Party committees mainly work to re-elect incumbents--but when there's a serious primary race like this, they should stay out.

Bill Halter has clearly demonstrated that he's a strong candidate with incredible support from grassroots progressives across the country. Most of us hadn't heard of him a month ago. If the $1 million people just donated isn't a sign of voters' anger with corporate Democrats in Washington, then what is?

On the other hand, Blanche Lincoln consistently sides with Republicans on important legislation. And polls show she's wildly unpopular back home--so she has very little chance of winning in November even if she gets the Democratic nomination.

Democratic officials in Washington need to understand that taking any further steps to support Lincoln will outrage the grassroots activists an ..."

Democratic Party committees and elected officials shouldn't spend any time or money supporting Blanche Lincoln's primary campaign or attacking her challenger, Bill Halter.

Now most people think Blanche is not going get re-elected based on some of the stuff she's done and said. But to have your own party members come down on you because you waffled a little on one of the bigger agenda items is pretty lethal.

It seems that the president has stooped even further down from his past bribes (ie: the Louisiana purchase, the Cornhusker kickback) as he's just given one of the defiant democrats' brothers a nomination to an appellate court position. That's pretty bold of BHO.

Anyway, take a look at the paragraph above I colored red. It would seem they're blaming this on the senator and "corporate interests". Funny, I think she's voted several times as her constituents want and yet mystical all powerful corporate interests are blamed. These idiots don't care what the American people want, they only care what they want and they have conned a bunch of people into believing their hogwash. And all disguised as democrat in nature.

It's put our great nation into an even greater amount of peril. When we fall, there will be no other nations left that stand for freedom and the little guy. That'll be it and they'll be able to start their run to rule the planet.

Don't believe them. All they want is power. And your money.

You know, there is a reason there are signs in the parks that say "don't feed the bears". It's because the bears will eat you.

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