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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wacky pet names!

Just read this article about the 50 wackiest pet names for dogs and cats. Some were pretty funny. The #1 dog name was pickle von corndog. Instant classic!

Funny thing is there were a few names on there that I called some of my pets! We used to have a trio of cats that I called them the poopers, for obvious reasons. Their real names were Evie, Squirt and Callie. I called them Squeak, Squirt and Squally. Evie's meow-er didn't work when she was young, so I named her squeak. Squirt was a great name because he was so tiny when we got him, but he ended up being the largest of the 3. Callie was the grumpiest whiny cat I ever saw, so squally was a perfect fit. Made for a fun group of names.

Since then, Squirt and Callie have passed on, so we recently got 2 new kittens, after many many selections, we finally settled on Goober and Gomer. Now I refer to them as major trouble and general mayhem.

What's your pet's name? Have any fun variations on it?



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