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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Blame Game #2

Sheesh. Everybody's still trying to blame someone for the katrina mess except those *who actually are*responsible* for the mess. Some prominent senators are now trying to profit from the catastrophe. Why does everything have to be politicized any more? You stop the help from getting thru just so you can blame somebody else for it. That's wrong, wrong, wrong. If they spent as much energy on helping as they do on finger pointing, the levees could've been patched a day or 2 earlier.

I was nosing around on the noaa aerial picture site of the damage in gulf coast area and found at least 230+ of the busses under water, in one picture! And if you look around the map, these weren't very far from the superdome.

*-My votes this time for those responsible. Althought, this one is still there.

Hap tip to my buddy Bob Welsh. Thanks a bundle and bless you!


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