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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Just been busy

Sorry I've been a few days with more posts....

I took Friday off to have my house fumigated for black carpet beetle larvae. Apparently, the annual ladybug invasion every fall has billions of lives lost inside the walls around the windows and these larvae love to munch em.

So, we had to pack up the cats, the dog and spend the day outdoors...which wasn't bad, except that it rained all afternoon. I was able to work around the yard a little until the rain started. Then, we just sat on the porch. Putting the cats in carriers and then in the car just isn't my bag. So, I did get a couple of trees planted. I'll be doing that for a few weeks tho. Digging holes takes awhile in my yard as there's much more rocks than dirt. I wish I had a backhoe. Or dynamite.

Oh well, I'll post more later.
Have a wonderfully blessed day!!


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