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Monday, October 31, 2005

The art of selfishness

I can be selfish. Extremely selfish at times. Like not wanting to share the last bite on my plate with the dog, which is drooling all over the floor into a sizeable puddle. Or not wanting to let my brother take my boat out for a spin after I rode around in his car with him. Or not letting my wife have the tv remote. I mean we can all list little (or big) things we've done over the years to recognize selfishness.

First of all, I'd like to apologize for those little fits of selfishness, if the appropriate parties will accept them.

Then I'd like to move on to a seriously big problem I know we've all experienced. No, not the people who drive slow in the fast lane, or take 42 items in the 12 items or less lane, but mostly just liberal democrats.

On the one hand they claim to be trying to help people when they are simply patting themselves on the back for making people think they're helping. They encourage selfishness. It's a really big shame too.

I had to work on one of the guys computers in the office, so I walked over and sat down to work on it. I had been in this area before and experienced liberal leanings and usually ran them off by asking simple questions that messed with their logic. (And I'm in their work area!)

Today was no different. Someone got on a whim to gripe about the presidents war efforts. "He lied to every American on the planet"...."He's dumb..I can't believe people elected him...I believe anyone that voted for him is dumber than I can imagine"...."Yeah, he's dumb"..."I wish he'd thrown out of office because he's using our tax money for his war"'ve heard them all before I'm sure.

Anyway, it kept on it's downhill slope until someone started griping about how the war was progressing. They thought we should've all but nuked the place. (I kinda agree, but have my doubts there.) So, I asked why do you think the war has only progressed as far as it has?

"I don't know" was about the only answer I got. Not even a "because he's dumb". I was mystified by the fact that no one had even thought of this, even though they continuously griped about it. So, I let them flounder a bit.

Then, my answer was because he's trying to fight a war and be politically correct about it. Otherwise, there would be more dead terrorists and less dead soldiers. There might be a few more dead civilian Iraqi's.

Quickly, the conversation turned to travel and one person got up and left.

Some of the conversation prior was directed at not wanting their tax dollars used for his war. "Just look what he's done to us!" So, I asked yes, let's look at what he's done to us. He lowered taxes and he's kicked some terrorists butts because they tried to kill us. "Yeah but where's Bin Laden?" My reply was he's probably under a pile of mountain rubble if he wasn't smart enough to exit Pakistan before the earthquake.

I think it's funny that when liberals are confronted with the reality of the war on terrorism, they mistakenly believe that means the war on Osama and that's all they can see. They're tremendously upset that tax money is being used to fuel our side of the war. I guess I'm missing something because they believe that if they simply sit down and talk to the terrorists, they'll leave the poor saps alone.

They really don't see that our imperialist view of the world (as they call it) is simply to preserve peace and harmony. Sure we can use the oil, but if they really believe that is what the war is about, then they are sadly hoodwinked. I know one thing they really hate: If we try to be peacemakers and brokers, then that means we might have a leg up on fairness, right and wrong. This drives left wingers nuts.

They don't want to see things as right and wrong though. That would shoot holes in their selfishness decrees. Not to mention scare the bejesus out of them if they think they might not actually have a clue to what right and wrong really are.

They totally miss the idea that there are some things that are more important than their own little worlds. Without the peace and freedom provided here by defeating terrorism everywhere else, what good is it to live even in their shielded little worlds? Without a government leader with backbone, how long will it take for someone to remove the freedoms we have?

Every hates having to admit they were wrong. I do. The look on anyone's face tells you they do too. Liberals don't even have this word combination in their vocabulary or thought process for that matter. If you try to convince them that they MIGHT be wrong, they start experiencing computer brain crash symptoms...does not compute...thrash away. This is just like a small child throwing a selfish fit because he can't have a candy bar in the checkout line at the grocery store.

I think this is a perfect picture of lefty selfishness. They want to be the champions of the little guy, but won't make good on thier war on poverty promises. They want to be the purveyors of perfect human harmony, but continue to demean anyone and everyone who might disagree with them. They control every major media outlet except for Fox news and the internet. Guess which media outlets are the thorns in liberal's sides?

...does not compute...thrash away....


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