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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Where have all the good guys gone?

Just finished up reading Bernard Goldberg's Arrogance. Definitely worth the time to read. His prior installment, Bias, was just a warm up. You really must read both of these if you watch tv, read newspapers and/or magazines. This book will help you understand what your mind and conscience is up against. If you don't believe the leftist media is out to destroy this nation as our founding fathers intended, then you're definitely missing the bigger picture.

It's not that I'm some big conspiracy theorist. Quite the contrary. I don't think the newspaper publishers are in cahoots with film producers, or in cahoots with school teachers, or in cahoots with big politicians, er well maybe some of them. (I'm leary of anyone who gets support from George Soros and These are just small pieces compared to the bigger picture.

In order to understand the bigger picture, you must understand Christianity. You know, Christ died on a cross to save us from our sins as the ultimate sacrifice. Well, if you're not a Christian and truly open minded, then this begs the question: Why must I be saved from my sins? (Hint: Sinners don't get to go to heaven)

Well, a long time ago, Satan was actually an angel in heaven. Not just any angel, but the head one. He was the most beautiful and had everything an angel could ask for there. By the way, his name was Lucifer at the time. Anyway, Luc gets the big head and wants to become God himself and overthrow the throne and take it over. He gets a posse of his fellow angels and works them up into a frenzy to do this overthrow deal.

God's not having any part of this, so he kicks Luc out onto the earth along with his buddies. So, now Satan begins his great revenge. He starts out by fooling Adam and Eve in the garden, thus resulting in the first sin. This changed the rules God had first laid out for them and thus began the ritual of blood sacrifice to atone for man's sins. (This went on for thousands of years by the way.) Adam & Eve get booted from the garden of Eden. (Do you see a pattern here?)

So, God puts a new plan in place to allow for a way for man to atone for his sins without all this bloodshed. He will allow for his own Son (Christ) to become a man on the earth as flesh and blood. He will eventually be put to death and his blood shed, then rise again to overcome death.

This doesn't set well for Satan. Remember, he's on a revenge path. His revenge will be to destroy man to get back at God for throwing him out of heaven. So Adam and Eve have a couple of sons, Cain & Abel. Satan causes Cain to be jealous of Abel so much so that he kills him. Satan's thinking this will foil God's plan because the 2 heirs are not in line to bring Christ into the earth as they are either dead (Abel) or a seriously bigtime sinner (Cain). So, in order to overcome that Adam & Eve have another son, Seth.

I go into that detail to show you that God always has a way around Satan's evil plans. I also go into that to show you that Satan means business when he's out to destroy mankind.

OK, let's fast forward to the other end of the bible. (You can read all of this in there, I'm not making it up). In Revelation, Satan is ultimately defeated and thrown into the Lake of Fire with all his followers and everyone he managed to fool over time to be burned in there forever. You want a conspiracy theory, there it is. Satan knows the ending of the book too, so you can bet he's going to go all out to stop anyone and everyone he can in order to get back at God.

Think about that for a bit, then let's go back to Bernie's book for a moment. I agree with him where he says the media elite really believe what they're doing is right. They've been convinced that their politically correct lives are what is right. So I beg the question: Are these people fooled by Satan's plan to destroy as many lives as possible? No, they're not trying to destroy people's lives (unless you're a conservative) and if you ask them, they are most definitely not a pawn. But, as I contend, if they're hoodwinked by the master, then how can they possibly determine that they're not a pawn?

I was reading a particular chapter where a younger news producer was upset that the news media was playing a story wrong. When I read this, I interrupted my wife's tv show because I jumped up and said I knew it! The story was the sex scandal in the Catholic church. All the news outlets were playing the story as pedophilia when it was actually homosexuality. There's a big difference!

Currently, the media is trying to convince everyone that homosexuality is ok, when this news story (had it been broadcast correctly) shows it's definitely not ok. It's damaging to people, lives, families, and ultimately the church. Satan gets to chalk up another success story. And the media are unwittingly being his pawns in the process.

Need more info to pry your eyes open? Read these 2 books by Bernie Goldberg, then read Ann Coulter's Slander and Treason. At least you'll see a big picture pattern.

Now, go tone down your arrogance and have a great day!


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