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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Tis the season...

Yep, it's hunting, not just hunting season, it's gun season! That time of year where I have to take the dog out on a leash so he doesn't get shot by poachers for his intruding on their hunting area. (Normally, the dog runs around the yard, does his business and comes back of the advantages of living in the country).

Last year, the guy that's owned the land that completely enveloped one side of my land ever since I bought mine, sold the majority of his land to another guy. This guy seems to think all the surrounding land is his hunting domain for some reason. I don't know what ever gave him that idea. Maybe he can't read the no trespassing signs I've got along the border of mine, but then again who knows. (Maybe they need to be in Spanglish!)

I'm going to share a story that enhances this one. There's a guy that lives across the road from me who has a fair portion of land, even if most of it is flood plain. He managed to find a spot on there which he could build a house that with high enough foundation walls, technically the house is out of the flood plain. Figure that one out.

Anyway, this guy loves animals. He's got dogs, cats, dogs, goats, dogs, a pig, dogs, chickens and a few dogs. When other people drive past who decide at that moment they no longer want the dog in their car with them, they leave the little dreamboat for my nieghbor to care for. Next thing you know, he's got more dogs.

As time passes, he builds some dog runs to keep them in, but his kids think it's mean to leave them in cages all day, so they let the dogs out. (Ever hear that song "Who let the dogs out"? Well, it's my neighbor's kids, that's who let them out). Anyway, let's travel back to last September when bow hunting season opened up.

The neighbor kids let the dogs loose. Being pack animals, they decide to take a leisurely stroll across the fair tundra across the road (which would be my place) on up into the hills beyond (which would be the new neighbor mentioned at the top of the post). Well, said new neighbor is hanging out in a tree waiting on bambi to stroll by so he can drill a new body orifice in it. Well, up comes dog tour 04 and frightens off bambi. Let's say the new neighbor guy is a tad miffed at this point.

So, in his mutt induced frenzy, he decides he's gotta do something other than cool off. He can't quite work up the nerve to shoot the dogs (cause he might waste an arrow), so he does the next best thing. He comes over to my house. But he waits until after the sun goes down so he doesn't miss any daylight hunting hours. The only reason I know this is, I was outside earlier in the day and I heard the dogs barking up in the woods, because when I did, I put my dog back in the house because I didn't want him chasing them.

That night about 9:45pm, I'm watching tv, getting ready to go to bed and I hear a car horn. At first I thought it in the tv show, but then I heard it again and realized it was outside. So, I went out to see what was the matter. In the driveway was a Toyota turd with it's high beams on in my face with a heighth challenged individual standing next the door in an oversized set of coveralls. (Challenged because his head is about the height of the mirror on the door)

I ask if I could help him and he commences to cuss me out about some dogs spoiling his safari trip. I try to calmly explain that I only have one dog and he's been in the house with me most all day or under my supervision in the yard. Apparently this is immaterial because he simply needs to yell at someone for these dogs interrupting his safari.

I ask him to describe the dogs and he perfectly describes the dogs from across the road, so I gently remind him to go tell the actual owner "that next time he sees them he'll shoot them".

Later that week, I see the dog neighbor and tell him about my meeting with the great white heighth challenged hunter I had just met. He hadn't heard a peep.

So, since it's hunting season, I take the dog out on a leash.


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