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Monday, November 14, 2005

Where's Waldo?

I took Thursday & Friday off last week to go visit my sister in Orlando, Florida. See my post about the plane ride down there. Weather was beautiful, sunny 82-85, low humidity. My kinda weather.

Anyway, I got my laptop out to post the note about the cell phone and that went well, per se. Then I tried to preview the site and DNS wouldn't resolve it. What's the deal? I was in Buffalo, NY a few weeks ago and had similar problems, but with my company's webmail site. Again, DNS wouldn't resolve it. My wonderful ISP says "duh, they're blocking it".

I can load other blogger sites but not mine? I could also load the ISP's webmail site, but not my corporate one?

I get upset about this because I'm in charge of my company's email site, which we pay 3rd party to do. I don't have time to manage a mail server, so I pay someone else to. When it doesn't work, I'm obviously going to be concerned, but those kinds of answers baffle me.

I question my ISP, because this happens whether I'm using a local high speed connection or the ISP supplied dialup connection. As far as I'm concerned, I use the same ISP for DNS in my office as I do for the dialup network, so why do I see a difference?

Friday, the dialup would connect, but I didn't get any DNS help. Nothing would resolve.

Why am I using dialup you ask? Good question. The hotel we got said right on the reservations web page that a computer hookup was included in the room rate. Silly me, I didn't know this meant there was a modem jack in the side of the telephone. I thought maybe they had wired or wireless. The best part was when I went to the front desk to ask about it, the clerk said oh we don't have wireless. The motel next door does and if you walk over there, you can connect thru theirs.

Is that allowed? Is it included in my room rates?


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