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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Flipper flopper perfection

Good Lord, his majesty the obummer has once again flip flopped, as all good liberals do with ease these days.

A week or so ago he said we should move past the past and forget about blaming our past, but guess what!!! True to any liberal, he's now going to go after the lawyers that worked for the Bush administration for "torture".

Does that mean if I have to see another picture of Pelosi or hear another word from Biden I can get torture compensation?

Why aren't we going after the real threats to our nation, like terrorists or cabinet members?

This just goes to show you that the liberals will do anything to keep opposition to their ideals silent. They object to "torturing prisoners" only because the prisoners are very much like they are: they want to see an end to the USA as we know it.



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