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Monday, August 17, 2009

A new first

I did something last Thursday I have never done before. I attended and participated in a protest. Made my own sign and everything! It was actually kinda fun, even though it was really hot outside. I had to burn a vacation day to do so, but it was worth it to me. It was kinda loosely organized by a local group called We the Hoosiers.

If you look down 2 posts at the 'Baron Hill is a coward' post, you'll see why I went to this protest. Mr. Hill (my Indiana representative to the US congress) was scheduled to give a private speech to the local American legion post in Lawrenceburg, IN. He has several of these "private" (read: no public allowed) meetings scheduled during the summer recess, but no public meetings. Combine that with him calling people that disagree with him a terrorist....well, you decide.

Gosh, I guess he doesn't deal too well with a constituency that he's just about completely torqued off. I still stand by my accusation that he's a coward. Here's why....

While at this protest (there were about 40-50 people there), Mr. Hill shows up and goes in the back door from an alley approach. He did not drive past any of the protesters this way. One of the guys in the group saw him as he got out of a car and yelled at him we'd like to ask some questions.

Not knowing if this got his attention or not, we decided to stake the 4 corners of the property out to make sure he couldn't get out without us at least trying to ask any questions. After he gave his speech, he sent one of his lackeys, er I mean helpers outside to tell us he'd come out and speak to us only if we could contain ourselves and not get ugly.

Funny, he starts the conversation off by accusing us of doing something we had in no way shape or form shown in the hour and 15 minutes we'd been out there. One of the guys I was speaking with was much faster on his feet than me and asked the best response question by asking what exactly did we do to make Mr. Hill think we were going to be disruptive. We didn't disrupt his speech or do anything else ugly while on the sidewalk.

So, a half and hour later, 2 policemen show up and then Mr. Hill comes outside. There was no violence shown, no ugly language from anyone that I heard, or anything else that would make him think we were going to be really stupid and start something. Most importantly, no liberals were outside stirring the pot. I'm thinking that's a pretty good recipe for a peaceful demonstration and a meaningful dialogue if he happens to hold up his end of the bargain.

The funniest thing to happen was that someone eventually asked if he was going to read the bill from cover to cover this time and Mr. Hill was the one to get ugly. He was shouting and even yelled at one of his employees. What a jerk.

I personally didn't get to ask any questions as everyone else closer to him was asking the same things I wanted to ask.

I was rather disturbed by his approach to the entire matter though. He referred to the current bill as HR3200, which is pretty well known by now. However, apparently, whenever they make a change to the bill, it doesn't change any markings or denotations, such as RevA or Mod2 or anything, it just keeps the same HR #. (No wonder congress is screwing us up to quickly) The conversation got a bit heated a few times when people would ask questions about all the stuff flying around on the internet and Mr. Hill got angry because some of the data supposedly has been removed from the bill (HR3200).

The problem with this is there are more than 1 bills in circulation up there and Mr. Hill even said there were at least 5 of them. I was only aware of the one in the House and the one in the Senate at the time.

But, Mr. Hill's true colors do show when you fluster him a bit, as is no different with any of us humans. When pressing him about certain wordings and sections in the bill, at one particular question, he said he wasn't aware of that being in the bill and he would check on it. Ok fine. Then, later when asked about something else, he said we had old information and it wasn't in the bill and most likely the one he wasn't aware probably wasn't in there either.

Sounds innocent enough, right?

But I thought he read it from cover to cover?

I don't know about you, but I have a real problem with that.

Sadly, the debate is changing, as it always does with liberals. When they find themselves on the losing end of the stick, they always change the subject. (Or start calling you names, such as political terrorists). They've discovered that the American people do not want healthcare to be managed by the government (easy examples of what happens when they do would be Amtrack and the post office).

You may also be aware of the recent hot water episode for the white house where the staff members have resorted to sending regular junk mails via the WH site to unsuspecting Americans. I got one of them and it even asked me to forward the msg onto others.

Yeah, right. I'm sure gonna send propaganda from a socialist lackey to my friends. Not.

Anyway, I get this msg from the lead propagandist at the white house which tells me that the health care bill does not contain language to do with euthanasia. Later on that day, it's reported that the senate had just that day removed language from their bill regarding euthanasia.

Interesting....Mr. Hill has just told me there isn't anything in the bill to do with euthanasia yet the bill I had read on the internet had the language and a day later, the senate actually removes such language from their version of the bill.

What this shows me is that the liberals, who don't normally give a micron, have changed their approach from creating a new insurance industry controlled by the govt to the same industry, but will be regulated heavily.

What everyone still seems to be failing to miss is that if these kinds of regulations are actually placed on the insurance companies, then we will all suffer because they (the insurance companies) will simply cease to provide their services, or the prices will be so high that even less people will have coverage than do now. And it won't be by choice. We simply won't have the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Please do all of us a favor and get involved with this issue. We cannot afford "health insurance reform", especially without some legal reforms.

Remember the biggest costs in the health insurance industry is regulation and lawsuits. Fix those, the price automatically goes down for everybody.

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