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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

When the job goes to your head

I live the 9th district in Indiana, currently under-represented by Baron Hill. He was one of the scare-dy cat democrats who chose not to have public town hall meetings this summer when people were springing up out of their chairs and actually deciding to get up and say something about this sham called health care reform.

Apparently, this scared him. However, he found that what few events he did go to that were unplanned with the public turned out to be rather civil and mostly occupied by concerned citizens. This got him to drop his guard long enough to commit to at least 1 public meeting and unbelievably, he said he wasn't going to allow his constituents to tell him how to run his office.

I think he's been in office way too long. He has certainly forgot who put him there and who he is supposed to be representing.

I wonder.....who was it doing the blowing up in this meeting???

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