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Friday, October 02, 2009

But what have you done for me lately?

There seems to be a hidden project of the government to bail out the unions. Look at the HUGE bonus they got by getting rewarded with board seats at the car companies. They have a man at the top of one of the largest banks in the world now.

All for what?? Because the teamsters in Chicago did someone a favor?

I say that because that's where the obummer is from and he appears to be rewarding all his cronies from there, especially the unions.

There might have been a time in the past where a union cleaned up a problem from an employer, but by and large they have been immense drags on society, the general consumer and especially the working man/woman.

Case in point. This is nothing short of outright torture, not to mention a complete waste of taxpayer/postage money.

Another case in point. My niece got a job at a local grocery store, which has been infected for a long time with a union. Her first check was for like 10$ because the union had it's fingers in the pie first. This is a great way to introduce our youth to the work force. Nice job, you bunch of co**ies.

What a stupid bunch of un-American rules. Looks to me like there would be things to keep these guys busy. Let's say, maybe, sweep the floors, clean the bldg, the grounds, the flower beds, etc. Sheesh, clean the trucks. If you're paying them to stand in an empty room, at least send them over to my post office where you have to wait half a day in line to have a pkg weighed.

What a joke.