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Friday, April 28, 2006

Slave labor

Churchhill downs is going green. But at what cost? After reading this article, I belive the cost is setting a really bad example.

Apparently, Churchhill downs and Louisville decided to try to earn some brownie points with the enviro wackos by saying they're going to recycle. So, they make a deal with a recycling outfit to do so. Problem is, they ain't going to put trash cans out to collect cans and bottles until the following week. What a joke. (Don't they have a WalMarts nearby?)

Anyway, someone must've said something, so they hoodwink a local bunch of schoolkids to come over and sort thru the trash.

Now, I believe in helping out my community, but having my kids sort thru someone else's trash is beyond limits. There's nothing wrong at all with recycling this stuff. But if your going to have kids do the dirty work, PAY THEM. These selfish tards are going to donate the proceeds of the children's dumpster diving to a charity. I bet the kids nor their parents get to pick the "charity".

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Can I get cheese on that?

What a wonderful world we live in. I can get a waffle with cheese on it if I want. I can get most anything I want, but still there's strife on the planet. So, chill out, ok?

I recently purchased a new laptop for a new salesman we hired at work. Bless her heart, she's a nice person to talk to. But I'm a little worried about computer skills. When I was getting ready to show her how the features worked, she wanted to know if it had a wireless thingy so she could connect that way at home.

Yep, sure does, got the latest 802.11g on it!

Well, next morning, she comes to visit me as she's having trouble connecting to the wireless at home. So, I go thru the software with her again to make sure she understands how to find a new network and connect to it.

Next morning the same thing. So, this time I tell her about the dial up software on there as a backup until we can figure out the wireless problem. My confusion is developing at this time because it will reconnect to my office wep setup automatically (as it should).

2 more business days pass and I decide I need to try to teach her some troubleshooting techniques. I show her how to read the signal strength bar graph and how to force it on and off. Then I do some troubleshooting of my own and discover that the default setting for XP is to turn off the wireless card when the power cord is disconnected.

Who designed this stupidness???????????

So, I change that setting. Next morning, same result, no connection. This really has me about ready to break my rule of not going to someone's house to fix their laptop. So, I ask her to give me exact details of what she does when she tries this at home.

She takes it out of the briefcase, plugs in the power cord and turns on the laptop. She logs it in and clicks the wireless search, but no networks are found. Then she unplugs it and walks all over her condo to see if she can find the signal, but no effect.

So, I ask her what brand of wireless router she's using. She has no clue as to what I had just asked. I asked her which internet service she was using. Net zero. Oh, you have dial up, not high speed? Yes.

Apparently, no one else in her condo bldg had a wireless unit she could tap into.

I still believe that society in general is not ready for the personal computer. It's no wonder spammers and phishers are so successful. People really need to be educated on this.

Whatever it is, it can kill you.

Finished reading the book Peace Kills, by P.J. O'roarke. It was an interesting read, but I was thinking after I read it, what exactly was his point?

He makes some very funny comments from time to time, which makes it a much more enjoyable read, but I wasn't sure what his point was supposed to be. One moment, he's sounding liberal then conservative. (Kinda like congressmen).

He covers several hot spots in the world where the US is trying to do something to instill peace into the region at the moment and he gives some excellant commentary on the situation(s) at hand. Maybe he's been hanging around too many reporters or something similar.

It's still a thumbs up read, but just a bit frustrating as you don't know what his point is supposed to be.

It's been a while...

Sorry, I didn't post for quite a while. Been really busy and the time is just not long enough lots of times. Anyway....I've posted before where I get to lead the communion portion of church service on Sundays. I've gotten to do that twice since the last time I posted I think.

The earlier one I did was in February. I spoke about George Santayana's famous quote of if you ignore history, you'll repeat it, fame. (I know that's not the exact quote, but hey, I didn't block quote it did I?) I was reading a book at the time called the Politically Incorrect Guide to American History and immediately upon starting the book I was reminded of George's quote.

Christian's are no different. We ignore our past and it comes back to haunt us. In a way, we betray ourselves, our friends and ultimately God. Just like when Judas betrayed Jesus, we do the same every time we forget what Christ has done for us.

Of course, you must not dwell on the past as it prevents you from moving forward, you have to find that place where you can move forward but not forget the things Christ has done for you. If you've placed your past burdens on Him, as He asks, that part of your past is truly gone and you can forget about it, but you must not forget that Christ did these things for you (as in ease your burdens, forgvie your sins, etc).

So, have a great day! God bless you!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Can you whine a little louder please?

Apparently the pale-stain-ean authority is really wailing over Isreal cutting ties with them. Poor saps. Dare I say, they kind of earned it?

Monday, April 10, 2006

What an idiot

Read this article about Venenzuelan president Stalin or whatever his name is, threatening to throw the American ambassador out of there for provoking the Venezuelan people.

Washington, however, has raised concern about the health of democracy under Chavez and has accused him of destabilizing Latin America. Chavez has responded by saying his government is democratic and it is the U.S. that is a destabilizing force.

Seems to me Venenzuelan president Marx or whatever his name is, is an idiot. There didn't seem to be that much instability before he took over.

Friday, April 07, 2006

What was that you said?

My sister's Father-in-law passed away last weekend and the funeral was Wednesday. My brother was in town and brought his daughter to help him drive (he has a really bad back and can't sit in the driver seat too long). My sister's daughter also is of driving age (barely) who got to be the driver for a while.

Soon, she stated she was hungry and wanted to go to a drive thru to get a burger. Well, if you have or are around teenagers much, they have a certain attitude about them. You know, smartness, smugness, confidence, etc. Yes, you guessed it...know-it-all.

Anyway, she proceeds up to the order box and in all her glorious, confident, smartness, she orders a dubber cheese burger. Well, you know this just isn't about to be left alone.

The conversation began to apply this new word. You know, the shortstop made a dubber play. The basketball player dubber dribbered. At my poker game, I had this hand that was perfect for a dubber down. You better fix me a drink and make it a dubber. Let me dubber check your order for that burger.

Well, it really got on her nerves after a short while and she started to complain and want the teasing to quit. "Hey," she said, "I've got an image to obtain."

Yeah, me too.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The truth shall set you free

You know, some people have the really bad habit of sticking their foot into their mouth when they really shouldn't. Take Hitlery. Please.

Really, take her as an example. In this article she states "I realize I would be a criminal, too." When referring to new legislation aimed at illegal alien traffickers. Hmm. So is she a traffic-er or harboring fugitives from the INS? We already knew she was a criminal. (Whitewater ring any bells? How about travelgate?)

Just remember, she said it.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Starting over

Did you hear about the 2 guys who are walking around the world? Yahoo has a news article about them. They wandered into Russia and got detained because they didn't think to get their papers in order. Now they're looking to go back to the USA and get their papers fixed then come back. I would think they'd have to start from scratch, right?