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Monday, June 28, 2010

Pot calls kettle black(ish)

Biden is such a tool. This is such a clear cut case of that fact, it's ridiculous.

I think the wire news outlets should rename the article:

Dumb*ss calls someone with a real job smart*ss.


What exactly is the hold up???

The world's largest oil skimmer is waiting on red tape?????

Get it down there already!

Obummer couldn't manage his way out of an upside down paper bag.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wacky pet names!

Just read this article about the 50 wackiest pet names for dogs and cats. Some were pretty funny. The #1 dog name was pickle von corndog. Instant classic!

Funny thing is there were a few names on there that I called some of my pets! We used to have a trio of cats that I called them the poopers, for obvious reasons. Their real names were Evie, Squirt and Callie. I called them Squeak, Squirt and Squally. Evie's meow-er didn't work when she was young, so I named her squeak. Squirt was a great name because he was so tiny when we got him, but he ended up being the largest of the 3. Callie was the grumpiest whiny cat I ever saw, so squally was a perfect fit. Made for a fun group of names.

Since then, Squirt and Callie have passed on, so we recently got 2 new kittens, after many many selections, we finally settled on Goober and Gomer. Now I refer to them as major trouble and general mayhem.

What's your pet's name? Have any fun variations on it?


The Oil Spill in the Gulf has some weird implications

I'm wondering why obummer can't seem to make up his mind as to whether or not BP is the bad guy in the spill in the Gulf. Seems pretty easy to me: Either BP screwed up big time or not.

I guess the hard part is determining if the company that BP rented the oil rig from might be at fault somewhat, or perhaps the contractor that drilled the hole, or maybe the company that manufactured the parts that failed to create the mess in the first place. Maybe it's all of them. Maybe it's the failure of the government inspectors?

Regardless, I can't understand why obummer and his cronies haven't concentrated on fixing the leak but they can spend time pointing fingers, posing for good photo ops and making more useless speeches. And of course, no surprise here, make sure and not let a good crisis go to waste.....while the people of Louisiana start seriously considering what to do now that the oil business is officially being governmentally crippled....and the people of a nation are beginning to wonder if our leaders could manage their way out of an upside down paper bag.

I guess there's always the democratic approach: when in doubt, raise taxes, run away like a scared little girl, make empty promises, blame Bush/Republicans or create more regulation where it isn't needed.

My bet is that somehow, some way, BP oil is going to come out shining like a rose in the long run. The criminals in the white house and gang always need a scapegoat to hide behind and BP is the obvious choice, just like in the mortgage meltdown, Goldman-Sachs was one of the big scapegoats, now look at them: they're still in business and many of their board and leadership is now on obummer's personal staff in his illegally created task force.

I just can't get it out of my mind that BP oil was a big supporter of more regulations, taxes and other things to make the price of oil even higher that it was during the hurricane Katrina aftermath. They've been involved in several things that are diametrically opposed to good business practices when it comes to being a little too cozy with big government guys.

Don't you find it strange that just a mere few weeks after obummer supposedly lifted the drilling ban in a few unproductive areas that an oil rig mysteriously explodes, sinks and creates the worst man made natural disaster in history??? I do. Apparently, that's just the tip of the iceberg. It would seem that our glorious administration used an antiquated law to prevent countries with the technology and expertise to fix this disaster from helping fix it. Then, they drag their feet to make sure the oil comes ashore in wetland areas to cause the most harm to wildlife rather than approving Louisiana to make barrier islands out of sandbags.

Why isn't congress all over him about an impeachment? This is outright dereliction of duty to protect our nation and it's resources.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What was that???

It's been an overly hectic 2 months. My local congressional candidate lost the primary by just around 1200 votes. Bummer. I had 2 servers crash at work (and not at the same time). Lost some personal time over that one. My lawnmower tried to kill me (but thank God I'm still here to tell the story). My cats are trying to spend all my money and the power won't stay on. The brakes went out on my pickup...while I was driving....right when someone pulled out in front of me.

Now, do you see why I picked this website name??