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Thursday, June 29, 2006

God is great!

Truly He is. However, this media fascination with the "religion of peace" is getting on my nerves. Michelle Malkin has a post about the latest hideousness by these kooks. I noticed that someone decided to try to translate the phrase allah akbar. They said it means god is great. I wish they'd correct that phrase to "our god is great", because allah is not the god I serve. Therefore, allah is not great. It is simply a murder inducing figurehead.

Sad for the godless liberals to hear, but there is still one and only God. Jehovah. He is great.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Another new meaning

I believe it's time we reclassified the ACLU as a religious organization. I just read an article where a girl who was valedictorian of her class and the school censored her speech because it had references to God and Christ in it. I hope she takes them to the supreme court and they don't knuckle under the godless religion of the aclu. Then if she wins, I hope she takes ownership of the school and makes it a private Christian school, funded by fine fees of the aclu.

I'm serious. The Aclu is a religious order of the textbook kind. They religiously fight anything to do with Christianity. One can only assume they're feeling guilty whenever a Christian speaks, so their only reaction is to throw a hissy fit so they'll shut up. If they'd bother to do a little research that guilty feeling is explained in minute detail in the bible. (God kinda sorta built that in to keep you in line with his will, if I remember correctly.)

Pray for them. (Remember the bible says to pray for your enemies and they fit that catagory too.) They need it badly.

I made it!

I finally got my primary domain controller replaced. What a pain. I have a list of thanks I'd like to publish.

My ISP: Thanks isoc. Your undependable internet connection managed to stop working every time I really needed it. Thanks ever so much.

Microsoft: You know, I don't mind paying for your software. But would you do us all a huge favor? Make it work correctly. It hasn't worked right since windows 3.0. Fix it already. I'm tired of update hell and wga or wag or fag or whatever it's called. It rightly called spyware. Stop it already. Quit wasting my money and stop building new versions that don't work and fix the old ones already.

Dell: Oh, my you guys build some magnificent hardware that can utterly fail in the grandest fashion at the absoulte most opportune times. Then, you can't fix it either. I'm so happy I could poop on myself!

Seriously: I'd like to thank God for giving me the patience and wisdom to deal with this. For giving my client base the patience to deal with me and my systems until they were fixed.

Bottom line: One PDC crash equals 3 calendar weeks, 96 of my own personal hours on top of normal schedules, a few nights sleep and a couple of missed family dinners. Thank God it's working now. Yes, that's a long time, but I'm a one man IT dept and I can only do 1 or 2 things at a time.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Ever feel like you've been ran over by a large fast moving vehicle?

I've been so busy lately, I can't believe how much time passed!

2 days before Memorial Day weekend, I got calls from my brother and sister wanting to spend the weekend at my house. I have no problem with that. It was just a surprise and the weekend flew by... It was fun, really busy, then all of a sudden, back to work. yay.

Then Tuesday afternoon, upon my return to work, my PDC crashed. It was ugly too. It had DNS on it, user shares, all my install software setups, and most importantly, tape backup.

I couldn't find the backup software install cd's. I was amazed at how many pc's in the bldg had the DNS entry hard coded too. No wonder it took forever to get it settled. While searching for the cd's, I was trying to move data off the server in between crashes. I had a raid 5 setup in there and every 3rd or 4th crash another disk drive would fail and I'd have to rebuild it which added to the time.

Finally, on Friday am, of all places, I found the install cd stuck between the outer box shell and the inner box shell of the software pkg. That was a big help. Crashed another server when I plugged in the tape drive because Dell uses different voltages on it's raid scsi controllers. yay. Lost another day.

Finally, by Saturday evening, a couple of all nighters and a few bruises on my forehead, I got things back to normal, for the most part. Still have a few things, since I'm still missing a PDC. Got a new server from Dell, who told me I had to install w2k on it as they weren't allowed and they wouldn't send me an install disk either. yay.

Microsoft says I can use a retail copy from which is installed on another server already and it's ok to use the serial # again. Kinda seems to be against what they put in their eual agreements, don't ya think?

Took a couple days off (Thurs & Fri) to go on a long weekend with the Mrs. because she's changing jobs and won't have any vacation time for a while. We went to Parke county Indiana. Home of Turkey Run State Park and the covered bridge capitol of Indiana. You should go there sometime. It's great for hiking and sightseeing.

Not much in the way of internet connections, unless you use aol, earthlink or some similar dial up service. The one my company uses (which will shortly be cancelled) had 4 #'s listed for that area, all of which were disconnected. yay.

Now, I'm back. Yesterday the ISP lost it's connection to the internet and it didn't work for about 4 hrs. They wouldn't even return my calls asking about what was going on. (That's going to get cancelled too.)

So, while moving some files around on my network, I decided to come here and vent for a minute or 2. So have a great day, will ya?