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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stirring the pot?

There's an article over at GOPUSA where Ann Coulter and Joseph Farah are having a tiff over Coulter's decision to give a speech to a gay Republican group. While it is every bit her right to do so and the group's right to hire her, sometimes you must consider moral ground before the money. This was my comment on the article:

While I will commend Beck, Farah and Coulter for standing up for what they believe, they, like me and you, have faults. Trying to forgive them in this day and age is definitely a challenge.

Anyone who criticizes Farah for what he did is missing the point he's trying to make. As a Christian, everyday you must make discerning choices as to what the Lord would have you to do. He obviously feels like Coulter made a bad choice by accepting the offer to give a speech to a bunch of gays. What political party they are makes no difference. What they represent, according to scriptures, is an abomination to God almighty. If Farah is to stand by his faith, he had to make the hard choice of dropping her from his presentation.

Coulter, of whom I've admired for her unfearing methods of standing up to the idiots in power, seems to have made a living off of sounding like she's a Christian, but ends up going with the mammon of choice instead of simple morals.

If she were really a friend of Farah's as was implied, she would have taken his decision in stride and wished him well and went on with her life. But, it would seem, she's the one choosing to be the publicity whore and make the big scene out of a man simply sticking by his beliefs.

If that's what she's thinking she is doing, then her beliefs include money over morals.

I think Ms. Coulter has not lost any of her republican credentials. However, I do think she has lost her moral creds.

If you are not of the belief that we are slowly losing our nation to progressives, communists, marxists, socialists, liberals, muzlims, perverts and other assorted non Christian groups, then you will disagree with what Farah is doing. No offense to gays, I have some acquaintances who are of that persuasion, but I don't berate them and shun them. I try to remember to pray for them so their soul won't be lost forever when they die and that their lifestyle will not be pushed on us as normal, because if God says it's an abomination to his creation, then it ain't normal.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What justice department??

It would seem that we don't have a functional justice dept any more. They let the black panthers off with a smack on the wrist. They go after Arizona for simply trying to defend themselves. They treat terrorists who wish us all dead as if they shoplifted a pkg of pencils at Kmart. Now, they've ignored the rights of children who's school decided to spy on them outside of school without any permission from parents.

This is simply dereliction of duty. Can they be jailed for that?

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