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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Still another human disaster

Well, gosh, the obummer crew is working hard at helping us Americans. Why just look at what good they did with this one. Apparently, somebody had the great idea to fly air force 1 over Manhattan without telling anyone (meaning the general population)....and all for a photo op. What a bunch of morons.

My tax dollars hard at work!!!!

I guess it's still all about me.

Another human disaster

Since I don't live there, I can't do much about it, but if you are from Pennsylvania, could you please initiate proceedings to have Arlen Specter removed from office? That coward not only has been voting against the American people for quite some time, but now he switched to the anti American party. The people's republic of Kalifornia removed Gray Davis from office, let's get "Spectre" out of his too.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A human disaster

I've been saying it all along. The head of DHS should be fired or quit.

After accusing all Americans who oppose her (and the current administrations's) political beliefs of being domestic terrorists, she's still allowed to get a paycheck from the govt???

That's not what I have in mind for "my tax dollars at work".


Monday, April 27, 2009

What were you thinking?

Obummer has made it thru 100 days of trying to kill the USA off. The article is titled 100 days 100 mistakes. I think he's going easy on the annointed one.

I think some of the specifics mentioned in the article were a good start, but he missed a good one. A really big one. Joe Biden is what I was thinking......

But that's just me.

Blasphemy: SUCCEED

Check this and this out. Depending on how much of a stickler (biblical term would be pharisee) you are, these would tilt the blasphemy meter, not just make it move a little to the side. Odds are, it'd twist the needle off the spindle. (Even Fred Thompson knows how bad he is)

But then, I don't need to be a pharisee when I see where someone has elevated the obummer to deity status. That's pretty simple for Christians, Judaists and even muzlims to understand. The new age nutcases probably don't get it, but then they think everything is a god on it's own.

I like my friend Pete's take on it....
Ok , let's see if he can pass the messiah test! Let's crucify him and see what happens in three days!

Ah, but there's only one true God and the only way to Him is thru Jesus Christ, His Son. Pray that God will open these people's eyes before he consumes them in His wrath.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Sunday go to meetin'

What do you consider appropriate dress for church on Sunday? Suit & tie, jeans & t-shirt, best dress in the closet? Well, whatever you wear, the 2nd most important item you should consider matching up with your clothing is your holster. (The first better be your bible!)

That's right! If we're going to be called small towners that cling to our bibles & guns, well, we better start looking the part!!

Turns out, at least according to this particular article, there's a verse in the bible that makes it kinda import to not only cling to that bible, but also to your gun. I LIKE this Christianity thing!!!!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Flipper flopper perfection

Good Lord, his majesty the obummer has once again flip flopped, as all good liberals do with ease these days.

A week or so ago he said we should move past the past and forget about blaming our past, but guess what!!! True to any liberal, he's now going to go after the lawyers that worked for the Bush administration for "torture".

Does that mean if I have to see another picture of Pelosi or hear another word from Biden I can get torture compensation?

Why aren't we going after the real threats to our nation, like terrorists or cabinet members?

This just goes to show you that the liberals will do anything to keep opposition to their ideals silent. They object to "torturing prisoners" only because the prisoners are very much like they are: they want to see an end to the USA as we know it.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

DHS chief has to go NOW

Good Lord, get her out of there before she really does something horrible. She's already claimed most US citizens are terrorists, now she's claiming illegal aliens aren't committing a crime by crossing the border.

Oh my goodness, the irony of words. Illegal aliens aren't illegal. What a moron. Why exactly have we been calling them that for ages then?????

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Take a little trip...

We were supposed to have a family reunion at my sister's house in Orlando over Christmas, but due to my dad falling and breaking his leg, we postponed it til March. So with much hand wringing and schedule conflicts, we picked a week to attempt the get together.

The Mrs. wasn't able to get her schedule to work out, so we had decided to not go (much to the rest of the family's displeasure). After much prodding from my sister's husband, I decided I would go alone since my wife had to be on call for her job. So since I didn't have the available vacation days for the entire week, I picked 2 days to go down there, hoping to make them a Mon-Tues trip so I could go on Sunday afternoon and get a full day there to relax before returning home.

Turns out, since my sister's husband was buying the tickets, I went on a Tues-Wed. Early Tues flight down and later Wed flight back. I'd be tired Thurs going to work, but it'd be nice to see the whole family together (which had not happened in a very long time).

I flew out of Indianapolis which is about 2.5 hrs away from my house and since the flight was leaving at 6:30 I figured I'd have to be out of bed by 1 in the morning, so I drove up the Indy the night before and got a hotel. That should have been an indicator of the next couple of days, but I didn't think that much of it. I couldn't find the motel per the mapping instructions off the motel website, so I tried to use my Verizon phone GPS, but it wouldn't work. Ain't technology grand?? I finally found the motel about an hour later.

Next morning, got up about 4 and made it to the gate about an hour before scheduled takeoff. I flew Southwest which if you haven't flown on it, you're in for a real treat. At least now they have a plane loading method that keeps the stampede to a minimum, but it's still stadium seating on the plane. (Like your seat? Don't leave it then or somebody else may get it). Anyway, the cattle prods were kept out of site as we got on the plane and found a seat.

So far, so good.


I was about 7 or 8 rows into the plane and could see easily into the cockpit. Usually, just before takeoff, the cockpit door is closed, just before the cabin door to the ramp is closed. I looked at my watch and noticed we were a few minutes past departure time and the cockpit door was still open. Hmm, I'm wondering if we're going to get to leave on time.....

Suddenly, the captain jumps up and runs out of the cockpit and up the cattle ramp. I'm thinking to myself, I thought the captain was supposed to stay with his ship until everyone was off in case of an emergency, not get to be the first one running away like a little girl.

While I'm sitting there pondering this, (as I'm sure some of the other passengers must have noticed), the co-pilot gets up, finds a flashlight, then starts to crawl around on the cockpit floor looking under and behind the seats looking for something. Before I had the sense to keep my mouth shut, I found myself asking out loud "Did you lose the keys??" That got other people's attention and the murmuring got kind of loud. Then the attendant that took my bording pass upon entering the cattle ramp grabbed the microphone and informed us that the plane systems needed to be powered off and since it was dark outside, we had to deplane.

Of course, I'm a little over overcautious because my concern right at that second was he was the guy that took my boarding pass, which would never be seen again, in the first place. So, they make us get off the plane and everybody is standing around the gate not wanting to stray too far in fear on not being to get back on the plane (since NOBODY has a boarding pass now).

My sister, who was really excited and anxious for me to come and be with everyone there, was still asleep in her cozy bed at home. Since I had gotten up early for this, I decided that maybe she needed to know what was going on, since her hubby was supposed to pick me up at the airport at a certain time, (based on a pre-scheduled arrival time). So much for the schedule.

Anyway, I started sending her text msgs telling her my flight is being delayed. After about the 5th or 6th text msg, she called and asked what was going on. So, I postulated that maybe the crew had lost the keys to the plane, it wouldn't start or perhaps it was just a simple reboot procedure. I did inform her that they had told us that they were summoning an official mechanic to try to decipher whatever the problem was, whether he was coming in from across the field or across the planet, we didn't know, but someone was due to help and soon!

After I got off the phone, a gentleman standing next to me was discussing the plight with his son who just happened to ask if they really lost the keys to the plane. I was amused that they were listening, but then he asked about rebooting the plane. So, I opted to but into their conversation by asking his son if he had a computer at home. His reply was yes, so I asked him have you ever done something on the pc that locked it up and it wouldn't do anything until you disconnected the power? His reply was yes. I told him that's what they're doing with the plane.

Eventually, they got it rebooted and we were on our way about an hour and 10 mins late. Yay, we're on our way to sunny Florida!!

Well, this not only put a wrench in the travel gears of the people on the plane, it affected the lives of other surrounding the flight, most pointedly, my ride from the airport to my sister's house. Since my brother in law couldn't be there at the proposed new arrival time, they sent MY brother, who is from Missouri....not Orlando.

Why is this important? Well, my sister had just bought a new house the previous year and this would be the first time all of us had been there. Which also means we weren't familiar with the travel route to and from the airport, by we I mean me and my brother.

Anyway, his timing was incredible as he pulled up just as I walked out the doors from the terminal. Didn't even have to stop walking.

So, I jump in the car with him and we start to sis's house. He tells me he needs gas, so we have to find a station on the way back. We finally find one and he jumps out to fuel up, then sticks his head back in the car and asks if I have 5 bucks because he forgot his wallet. Ok, that's the least I can do since he's providing the lift, so I gave him a 5. He puts fuel in and uses my phone to call my brother in law to check directions back to the house so we don't get lost.

Ok, we're good to go now.


We leave the station and start toward their new beautiful home. As we're jabbering in the car, not realizing we've been driving for 15-20 mins, suddenly we notice that we're not in town any more, but out in the middle of nowhere. There's nothing around us, just scrub growing along the roadside....and to top that off, my cell phone doesn't get any signal (yes my unfortunate brother must've got woke up too early because he forgot his phone too) Thanks Verizon.

Just then, I notice laying in a heap on the dash is a Magellan GPS unit that wasn't hooked up. (He had borrowed it from my sister to find a place the day before). So, I hook it up and type in her address so we can finally get back to her house. It says to continue on the road we're on. Next thing you know, we're passing a sign welcoming us to Titusville. The Magellen tells us to turn at the next highway and we dutifully follow the instruction.

We're driving along jabbering away catching up etc when all of the sudden the the Magellan tells us we've reached our destination. Minor problem tho: We're still out in the middle of nowhere, no bldgs, just scrub plants and the highway. About a mile later, we see a sign that says welcome to Cocoa Beach. At least now I have a phone signal, which means I can use the Verizon GPS in it to find my way to her house, so I unplug the trusty Magellan and we feed the Verizon to get us back.

Now, my brother informs me that we're outta gas again, so we go to Cocoa Beach and I bought him 20$ this time in case we had any other travel delays on the way back. We finally get to her house and I'm relieved that I'm only 3.5 hrs later upon arrival than originally projected. The rest of the day goes on pretty well, except that nobody in my family wanted to cut up the baked whole chicken my niece prepared for us for dinner - yes, I cut up the chicken...took 1/2 an hour, but I got em cut!)

Wed morning is my 18th anniversary. My wife is home and I'm 800+ miles away. I feel bad about this. Then I turn on my phone to find a text from the Mrs. wishing me happy anniversary. I guess things aren't so bad.

I watch the sunrise over the small lake behind the house from the 2nd floor bedroom and really liked it. Very relaxing. I take a shower and plan to be lazy the rest of the day before returning home.

A couple hrs later I learn we're going fishing in Daytona Beach. So, we get to the pier and rent poles, buy bait, etc and proceed to feed the birds. As soon as we open the bag of shrimp and turn to cast a line in the water, the birds pounce on the bag and begin to steal the shrimp. We spend the rest of the day getting windburn rebaiting hooks. No fish, but wind and smell. The beach looked nice, since they were preparing for the spring break rush.

As the day proceeds, the wind gets stronger and my favorite hat ended up in the Atlantic somewhere. We catch 0 fish. My brother's wife drives me back to Orlando (thru rush hour traffic) and my sister takes me to the airport. I'm beginning to wonder about getting to the flight in time as Orlando airport has a lot more people going thru it than Indy does. But, I'm worried over nothing as my arrival at the gate is 20 mins before scheduled departure.

SCHEDULED departure.

I grab something to eat since I haven't eaten all day and sit down to relax before coming home. I call the Mrs. to let her know I'm at the airport and to wish her happy anniversary (since I was missing it). As we're talking, I happened to glance at my watch and the time is now 10 mins past scheduled departure. I look out the window and there's no plane.

I tell the wife I'll call her back and head to the info booth at which time I see the flight has been rescheduled to an hour later. They must've never got caught up from the day before when they lost the keys.

I finally got home about 1.5 hrs after the original expected time. Thankfully, God gave me a safe journey and I enjoyed the time with the family (even tho none us were smart enough to take a group photo).


Another cabinet post, another tax cheat: SUCCEED

Apparently, the new selectee for the dept. of health and human services is another tax skipper, not to mention received tons of money from abortionists.

Here's a suggestion:

If they were of any decency, they would RESIGN already.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Peaceful liberals: FAIL

I'm called a right wing extremist and then the party of all things good and kind and decent and peaceful calls to leave death threats on the voice mail of people who simply disagree with them. Why do these unsavory people continue to get re-elected???

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I apologized already: FAIL

Supposedly, the directory of DHS thinks she apologized for the recent report that pretty much called most of breathing Americans "right wing extremists". Actually, she issued the standard liberal non-apology apology. Those are pretty typical: "I feel your pain and I'm so sorry it hurts you". Sadly, no apology, just fake empathy.

I have one word for the secretary of DHS:


Do us all a favor and quit killing us off. By the way, do us another favor before you resign and recall the stupid document. Please just quit with your own failure, don't take the rest of us with you.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Emanuel Wants to Hear GOP Proposals: FAIL

Apparently, Rahm Emanuel wants Republicans to participate in the rape and pillage of the USA that the Obummer team is already doing to us. He's asked the Republicans to stick their neck out with proposals on how to overhaul healthcare and energy policies. Neither of which anyone with a sane brain believes they are in need of further government interference. (I say stick out their neck because the liberals are only wanting easy targets to shoot at)

I last was a registered republican and I have a great idea for Rahm (Mr. never miss a crisis opportunity to screw the American public): Resign. We'd all be better off, yourself included.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

You have been targeted.

An email from my friend Bob:
Date: Tuesday, April 14, 2009, 3:51 PM

First the Missouri State Highway Patrol puts out information (last month) labeling Christians, gun owners and those who prefer State / Local government over Federal control as "potential terrorists". Now Homeland Security is saying the same thing.

I'm starting to see a pattern here.

There are those who claim to be "patriots" and then there are those who pass this on to everyone on their list, thus proving their patriotism.

If it disappears....I have copies.

And if anyone needs some extra Reynolds Wrap (for their cap), I have some extra....

* * * * *
Update: 04-16-09 1:33pm
A quick note, this next link to the DHS document is on a different website than where I was originally pointed to. Apparently, the original poster of the doc got upset about the bandwidth that was being used by everyone looking to see this unbelieveable piece of crap.
* * * * *
Update: 04-20-09 10:30am
Somebody else is jumping on the DHS document scandal. Somebody is suing to get them to retract the document, maybe even to get them ejected from the office. This is nothing but gestapo measures.
* * * * *

A friend of mine in Missouri sent me the msg above and web link to a disturbing document from the department of homeland security. A lot of the time you can just write this kind of stuff off as a political stunt, but with some of the ridiculous changes coming from the federal govt in the last couple months, I can no longer take this just at face value.

Regardless of your political persuasion, if you believe in any of the following, you are a right wing extremist, and thus are the largest threat to the USA ever. What are the DHS's requirements to fit this category? Well, according to the document linked above, if you fit any of these descriptions, you are a right wing extremist:

(Right wing extremist is liberal speak for anyone disagreeing with liberals.)

1. Believe that the current economic downturn is cause for concern.
2. Stupidly believe that the election of a black president is dangerous.
3. Your home has been foreclosed on.
4. Are unemployed.
5. Can't get credit for a loan.
6. Believe that the current outsourcing of American jobs is a concern.
7. Believe the passage of more restrictions on gun ownership is a cause for concern.
8. Are a veteran.
9. Disagree with a religion other than your own. (except liberalism and global warming worshipers)
10. You hate other ethnic/racial groups. (well, duh)
11. Believe that the state you live in should have control over you, not the federal govt.
12. Believe that the local govt should have immediate control, not state or fed.
13. Reject any kind of govt authority.
14. Recently purchased a firearm. (you're stockpiling weapons)
15. Recently purchased ammunition for a firearm. (you're stockpiling ammunition)
16. You are a returning veteran from any war front with physical combat skills.
17. You don't like people of a different color than you. (racist is the common term used)
18. You think gun confiscations are a cause for concern. (anti govt conspiracy theorist)
19. You think citizen detention camps are a cause for concern (anti govt conspiracy theorist)
20. You think that a Jewish controlled one world govt is imminent.
21. Believe that Jewish "financial elites" are partially responsible for the current economic problems, such as foreclosures, job losses. (Remember, Hitler said this in the late 30's so he could start WW2)
22. Disagree with the new president's administration. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 just to point to a few)
23. Disagree with the new president's views on immigration and citizenship.
24. Disagree with the new president's views on expansion of social programs.
25. Disagree with the new president's views on gun restrictions and use.
26. Express concerns with the recent election. (secret call for violence)
27. Oppose gun control.
28. Oppose free trade agreements with Mexico.
29. Disagree with abortion.
30. Oppose same sex marriage.
31. Believe a complete economic collapse of the US market is cause for concern.
32. The potential declaration of martial law is cause for concern.
33. The suspension of the US constitution is cause for concern.
34. Believe in "end times" prophecies.
35. Buy extra food. (stockpiling)
36. Buy a gun. (stockpiling)
37. Buy a box of ammunition. (stockpiling).
38. You're a Christian.
39. Felt alienated by unemployment or poverty.
40. Your parents were unemployed.
41. Concerned about illegal immigrants.
42. Concerned about US jobs going to lower wage paying countries.
43. Concerned about border security.
44. Concerned about the lack of federal enforcement of border security.
45. Think about going to the southern border of the USA and do the feds job of stopping illegal immigrants.
46. Want to go to the southern border of the USA and do the feds job of stopping illegal immigrants.
47. Say you are going to the southern border of the USA and do the feds job of stopping illegal immigrants.
48. Believe that gun control is a violation of the 2nd amendment to the US constitution, which gives us the right to keep and bear arms.
49. You have been taught how to handle a weapon.
50. You have been taught military tactics.
51. Disagreed with the "Brady law" which introduced the 5 day waiting period (in the 90's) for purchasing handguns (and yet mysteriously, people still shoot one another).
52. Disagreed with the 1994 "violent crime control" act that stopped sale of assault style guns. (and also didn't do anything to the crime rate, except make it grow larger)
53. Disagreed with how the feds handled Waco, TX.
54. Disagreed with how the feds handled Ruby Ridge, ID.
55. Oppose mandatory firearm registration (which currently is illegal according to US constitution).
56. Oppose mandatory ammunition registration (which is an endrun around the constitutional requirement of no firearm registration).
57. Hoard ammunition (their wording)
58. Stockpile weapons (their wording)
59. Attend paramilitary training (again, their wording).
60. Concerned about ammunition shortages to private citizens.
61. Make bulk purchases of ammunition. (2 rounds or more at a time, I would imagine)
62. Concerned about the increased cost of ammunition.
63. Believe rising crime rates make purchasing a weapon and ammunition a wise move.
64. Believe the recent supreme court ruling (DC vs. Heller) affirming the right to keep and bear arms is a good thing.
65. Get into an argument over the recent supreme court ruling (DC vs. Heller) affirming the right to keep and bear arms.
66. Concerned about a "new world order" that may cause the end of a sovereign USA. (for more on this, check out this book)
67. Concerned about the economic rise of China.
68. Concerned about the economic rise of India.
69. Concerned about the economic rise of Russia.
70. Concerned about the economic rise of oil-producing states.
71. Concerns over govt officials being complicit to foreign activity in the USA.
72. Concerned about communist regimes.
73. Concerns over govt officials being complicit with one world govt activity. (see book link in #66)
74. You have pipe bombs. (duh)
75. Saddened or upset about the US decline as a world leader.
76. Concerned about the loss of mfg jobs to China and India.
77. Concerned about Russia's control of energy resources.
78. Concerned about Russia using energy resources to coerce other nations.
79. Concerned about Chinese investment in US real estate.
80. Concerned about Chinese investment in US corporations.
81. Ask anyone with military training for help with anything.
82. You are a white supremacist. (no argument here)
83. You have shaved your head.
84. Live in a rural area.
85. You're interested in what is happening with firearms legislation.
86. You've seen something on the internet that has to do with bomb making, weapons training and/or tactics.
87. You send/receive encrypted msgs/email. (Yet, many govt offices are required to do this).
88. Concerned that it is illegal to get paramilitary training.
89. Concerned that the DHS will be using local law enforcement for your surveillance.

Do you think I'm over-reacting? Maybe reading too much into this document? Please click the link toward the top and read the DHS doc yourself.

In order to really grasp this, I suggest you read some books that explain liberal speak (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12) then you'll begin to understand why I bring this up.

Should I be concerned that the govt is working with cell phone service providers to shut down entire networks with the flip of a switch in case of an emergency? Yeah, there's no security like a state full of scared to death people with no method of communication with those outside of their region.

Should I be concerned that the govt is more concerned with law abiding citizens wanting to get together to target plink than they are muslim extremists who already have multiple training camps in the US?

Maybe I should spend more time worrying about the digital tv switchover. Some people say that is being forced on us because it's a better technology. Others say it's because the digital image production makes it easier to pass subliminal msgs. I personally don't know, but it does cost a lot more money, and even with the advent of 500 channels, there's still nothing worth watching on tv any more...except for this.

Ollie North speaks up
Micheal Reagan speaks up
Michelle Malkin speaks up and here
along with some senators (yay!) plus she points out how this was specifically targeting the TEA parties from last week.
The American legion speaks up
As usual, a good write up from scrappleface

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Real heroes

This is my kind of story. All I have to ask is why did this take so long????

So, is anyone surprised by this response? Of course the pirates say they'll retaliate. Since the pirates are Somali, and their government doesn't seem to care in the least, do you think a bunch of Islamic pirates are going to say, "oh, we're sorry. We promise to stop." Yeah, right.

Find em. Kill em. Problem solved.

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Monday, April 06, 2009

What our nation was designed to be...


Right on!

I've been saying we need a new conservative party ever since Bush the 1st stabbed us in the back by voting the largest tax increase in history at the time after saying "Read my new taxes". A lot of hot air is blowing around about this, but we need to do this and do it now.

Yes. We need real conservatives with real conservative values. We've been betrayed by the GOP and most all the current or recent sitting members of the White House, Senate and House.

If we don't turn our backs on this socialistic crap coming out of Washington, God Himself is going to punish this nation and it won't be pretty.


Coward in chief: FAIL

Well now. Here we are at the G20 summit.....

I can't believe this....well, in a way I can.

A friend of mine (thanks Bob!) put it this way.....

One wonders why the pretender president did this? Let's try multiple choice:

(1) To show loyalty and servitude to a known high leader of the Islamic world?
(2) To show everyone his loyalty to Islam is still intact and his so-called Christianity is a sham?
(3) Because he is an idiot?
(4) All of the above.

UPDATE: 4-9-09
Here, you decide for yourself:

Update: 4-13-09
Ollie North says it's a curtsy...appropriate for a coward in chief, don't you think?

Update: 4-20-09
He's really showing his true colors more and more each day. The loser in chief just did a press conference/speech/watch me now show/its all about me presentation and had them hide anything remotely Christian in reference.

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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Mis-information: Friend or foe?

When will you people learn that most information coming from the news media is not exactly all there? Some would call it outright lying, but they throw in just enough truth to make even the most wary person get sucked in. Take this gem from greenwatchAmerica....
Most Egregious Claim of the Week:

The United Nations got on the "Earth Hour" band wagon this week, agreeing to go dark as part of the "largest demonstration of public concern about climate change ever attempted." They claimed that not only was the choice a "vote for the future of planet Earth," but that it would also save them money. A lot of money.

In fact, they claimed turning off the lights in the UN for Earth Hour would save them $81,000. Extrapolate that out. If they pay 81,000 dollars an hour for electricity, they would pay $1,944,000.00 per day, $58,320,000.00 or so per month, and $709,560,000.00 for the year.

After seeing that this initial projection of $81,000 dollars saved didn't quite add up, the UN reduced its estimate to $24,000 saved for the hour. But that too didn't come close to making sense, so they finally came out with a third estimate: Turning the lights off for Earth Hour would save the United Nations a grand total of $102.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

Practically everything coming from the government is mis-information, and especially from political parties. How else could some of the captains of virtue get elected???

Always remember, that whenever a certain political group spends time publicly blaming someone else for a problem, it usually means they've already done it and simply want to cast blame on someone else. It doesn't really matter if the one they're pointing at actually is guilty or not, just as long as someone else gets investigated for their guilt. Liberals are particularly good at this.

For example, look at all the new cabinet appointees and nominees... Quite a few of them have some serious problems committing crimes by not paying taxes. Nobody in the media seems to be putting pressure on them to submit to body cavity searches, self imposed jail time and public floggings. Because if these were a conservatives, you'd bet this would be the least of their demands.

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