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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Nuke em

It's official. Iran is not only a terrorist state, they're a bunch of crybabies. Spank em. With a big board.

And if that weren't enough...Looks like the PLO state in gaza is going to make itself an official terrorist state now. If you don't break the board on Iran, then use it on these guys too.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

It's deja vu all over again.

I just finished reading Hollywod Nation by James Hirsen. It's a pretty good book, although if you're an avid reader of Newsmax and in particular get their left coast newsletter, some of it you will be well familiar with.

Anyway, the book does a good job of explaining what is happening to the news reporting trade. It's basically turning in to E! news televsion. And in return, entertainment tv (and movies) are trying to masquerade themselves off as news (or in simpler speak: truth). There's a reson here. TV reporters spend too much time being celebrities and entertainer types spend too much time trying to be in the news. So what better method than to meld the 2 together?

It makes you sick to think we've been hoodwinked by the liberal leaning media masquerading as newsbearers (simple speak: truth tellers). Notice I used the word masquerade. (That means I'm making them out as lyers.) Granted not all of them are, but some of the important ones are. Cronkite, Rather, Brown, Brokaw, Matthews, Jennings, Couric, Lauer, etc etc.

They twist their news reports just a little so it'll have a liberal point of view, then paste on another layer of entertainer and we suck it up hook line and sinker. Us humans can be such idiots at times.

Look at what the underlying accomplishments of this are.

The most trusted man in America broadcast the nightly news, somtimes with not quite as much truth as should have been applied. He managed to get a nation to begin not to trust the government in anything it was involved in.

This paved the way for congress to turn it's back on Vietnam after we had the war won.

It paved the way for an idiot for president who's only successful accomplishment was to get the world to buy more peanut butter.

It opened the door for a serial rapist to get elected president. He let his wife claim part ownership in the job he was elected to do. He/she illegally prosecuted their political foes with parts of the government that weren't to be used in that fashion. He destroyed our military prowess. He disgraced every American that lives or ever lived or will for that matter.

These are all results of an out of control liberal media. When Cronkite tells lies about the Tet offensive the other 2 networks don't call him on it, then in my eyes they're in on it with him. When Rather tries to push a faked document on the public and none of the mainstream networks call him on it, then they're in on it too.

Mikey Moore's F911 movie was a crockumentary masquerading as a news film. He isn't going to get these people to say what he wants, so he makes it up with bits and pieces of other stuff. And the news and entertainment trades fall all over themselves trying to heap praise on this crap.

Where is the line between news and entertainment? How are we to tell the difference?

Well, sorry, I got a little carried away. The book is a good read and it should get you worked up too upon finishing it up. I liked it. You will too. Enjoy.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Canadians have a winner!

Yay! The Canadians have a majority of sensible people among them. I was beginning to wonder. I'm sure a lot of people's prayers were answered in this election and a lot more are on the slate for positive changes in a nation so close to mine. Thank you! Thank God!

Monday, January 23, 2006

You just gotta love Mondays!

Absolutely true story.

One of the engineers comes into my office just about an hour ago. She's carrying her keyboard under her arm. My curiosity is naturally peaked because this is the 2nd keyboard I've given her in the last 1-1/2 years. (Soon to be the 3rd.)

She sits down and begins to tell me that she was opening up a particularly large cad file and while waiting on it to load, she noticed that there were food crumbs in her keyboard, so she started trying to pick them out. This caused a key to pop off (the enter key by the number pad). It also broke one of the stay's underneath that holds it in place.

The missing key bugs her to the point that she superglues it back in place (the stay, not the key) and waits for it to dry, leaving said key unattached for the while. Later on in the day, she puts the key back to discover that it sticks down and has to be pryed up to work correctly. This isn't any better.

So, here she is asking if I can fix the key to work properly. She's thinking it needs a spring to pop it back up, so while I'm not paying attention to her, she gets a pen from my desk and proceeds to take the spring out of it to use on this key, never mind it's the wrong kind of spring. While fiddling with the pen, she manages to break it. So, she runs off to get her trusty superglue, as it should be easy to put the pocket clip back on at this point.

A few moments later, the pen, a mouse cord and a piece of paper are superglued to my desk. I learn of this by her saying, oh no. So, I give up on the keyboard and give her a new one and just toss this old one.

By now the glue is dry so we carefully pry everything loose from the desktop and I get my pocketknife out and begin to scrape the remnants of the glue from the shiny surface. It scrapes rather easy to my surprise, so I clean most of it off. By now, she's feeling pretty bad about the mess, so she offers to go get some desk cleaner.

She comes back with the cleaner and sprays it all over the desk where the glue was. You'd be amazed to know the glue was in 3 separate spots about 12" apart. (I figured she must've flung it at the pen.) While she's spraying it, she gets paged to take a phone call, so she comes around the desk to use my phone. Right then another engineer walks in to ask me something and he sits where she was, placing his arms in the desk cleaner.

You just gotta love Mondays!!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

What I was doing the other night

Well, I was going to prognosticate a bunch on here the other night, but it was down. All night. I know, I kept checking.

My engineering server disk drive gave up it's ghost early afternoon and I had to replace it. Went to the store, got a new one, formatted it, then discovered that I am not doing something correctly with my tape software (arcserve). I can't get it to restore to the network drive it backed up from. It would only restore to the server the drive is attached to. Is this because of throughput?

I had to move a bunch of stuff off the server the drive was on, then restore it, then move it back to the eng server. What a pain. Oh well, it's working now.

Yay. I usually get the see the sunrise on the way in, not in the rearview on the way home.

Friday, January 13, 2006

A friday funny

Don't you just love all those stupid emails you get that says something to the effect of if you get an email with the subject of xxx-whatever-xxx, do not open it, it's got some sort of problem associated with it. Well, one day I got this email that was the epitomy of these messages.


Virus Warning!

Subject: Danger.... Please Read!!!!!!

If you receive an email entitled "Badtimes," delete it immediately. Do not open it.

Apparently, this one is pretty nasty. It will not only erase everything on your hard drive, but it will also delete anything on disks within 20 feet of your computer.

It demagnetizes the stripes on ALL of your credit cards. It reprograms your ATM access code, screws up the tracking on your VCR and uses subspace field harmonics to scratch any CD's you attempt to play.

It will program your phone auto dial to call only your mother-in-law's number.

This virus will mix antifreeze into your fish tank.

It will drink all your beer. (For God's sake man, are you listening?!?!)

It will leave dirty socks on the coffee table when you are expecting company.

It will replace your shampoo with Nair and your Nair with Rogaine.

If the "Badtimes" message is opened in a Windows 95/98 environment, it will leave the toilet seat up and leave your hair dryer plugged in dangerously close to a full bathtub.

It will not only remove the forbidden tags from your mattresses and pillows, it will also refill your skim milk with whole milk.


And if you don't send this to 5000 people in 20 seconds, you'll fart the next time you're making love.

send send send send send...................

And in case you're a blonde, this is a joke.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

World according to Jim?

I've watched this tv show a few times. Jim Belushi is the star of the show, I think. It's usually not that funny, but at least there are a few chucklers in there. Because it's a sitcom that isn't that funny, I don't watch it hardly at all.

However, I was visiting some relatives the other day and they were watching the show so I did as well. This particular show was Jim's daughter, which I think was like 12 or something in that area and they had rec'd a note from their teacher that the child was going to be shown a sex ed video and the parents were invited to come watch the film prior to showing it the children.

At first, Jim had the typical knee jerk reaction of no they're not going to do that, but after his wife talked to him a while, he agreed to go see the film with her. (Now you know what life for Adam was like with Eve just before eating of the forbidden fruit).

Anyway, they start watching the film and Jim jumps up and steals the tape. Turns out his mom got him an acting job as a child and he's starring in the kiddie sex tape. He doesn't want anyone to know it's him, which would have been the case had he sat still and not told anyone, but I digress.

He has his buddy doctor the tape to get his image off and another kid in there, but it turns into porno inuendos and the tape is not shown to the kids.

No where, at any time, did they address the idea that the parents should be the ones introducing their kids to the things that happen as they grow up. They feigned it by having the kids come home and talk to the parents about what they learned in class, but didn't give any idea to what really should have happened in the first place.

Stupid pc schools.

I'm so glad Jesus set me free

It is so wonderful to serve a God who is willing to allow me to come and be with him anywhere I wish to. I can be a child of God no matter what, when, where etc and all I had to do was admit that I'm a sinner, that Jesus died for those sins as an atonement for them and accept Jesus as my saviour.

I don't have to sacrifice animals, face a certain direction when I pray, kill someone who disagrees with me about that, or throw small rocks at big ones and possibly die in the process.

Thank You Jesus!

Stop bugging me

I don't happen to agree with a law that starts to box in free speech. I didn't know this happened until today. A major fuss should be made over it, unless someone it up to an April Fools' day joke a little early. The short of it is it's now illegal to harass someone by posting an anonymous comment on their blog.

Spoiled brats, that's what they are.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Have you ever heard this sound?

Find a 5 gallon bucket, take it outside, place it upside down on the driveway (paved or gravel). Take a 2 lb hammer and strike it one time violently on the upturned bottom.

Let your ears absorb the sound. (Yes, I know it's loud). Think on it for a second.

Now, imagine a Toyota Tercel hitting the backend of a (stopped) full size chevy van at 35 mph.

No difference, eh?

I was riding home a while back with the windows down and 2 lanes over this accident happened. I about jumped thru my windshield as it startled me, but I can't forget that sound. No tire screeching either. Weird, huh.

Monday, January 09, 2006

International law of the sea

I just seen a news article where a greenpeace ship rammed a Japanese whaling boat. The headline says "Greenpeace Undeterred by Ship Collision". It didn't specifially say if the Japanese were in any way deterred. I would imagine not as the agressors are "undeterred".

Aren't you allowed to have defensive weapons on your ship while at sea to protect yourself from aggressors, such as these morons?

I mean peengrease rammed them twice. This sounds at minimum like trying to disable the Japanese ship so they can either plunder it, sink it or both. I'm thinking an L.A.W., RPG, bazooka or small torpedo would solve the pirating techniques of these idiots.

Picture this.

The captain of the preangeese ship gives the order for ramming speed, raises his eyepatch to make sure they're headed in the right direction, and slams into the whaler ship. The lookout on the forward bow picks up his marijuana joint he just dropped from the jolt of the 2 ships colliding, and shouts back to the captain that no fatal damage has been given to the whaler.

So, the captain issues orders to come around and do it again. Lookout picks up joint again and repeats damage message.

By now, the captain of the whaler has to be getting a little perturbed. So, he orders his crew to bring out their portable rocket launcher and mount it on the deck.

Do you suppose sneezegreenpieces would begin to be deterred at this point? Remember, you're in international waters.

At what point do you issue firing orders? And where would be the best place to aim?

Friday, January 06, 2006

Friday funny (and some fun)

The owner of a golf course in Texas was confused about paying an invoice, so he decided to ask his secretary for some mathematical help.

He called her into his office and said, "You graduated from the University of Texas and I need some help. If I were to give you $20,000, minus 14%, how much would you take off?"

The secretary thought a moment, then replied, "Everything but my earrings."

Hat tip to my friend SWilliams for that joke.

Here's something for you to test your national knowledge. Go ahead, try it.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Thoughts for today...

Pray for the families of those that lost dear ones in the mine cave-in this week. All the media hype around these events make things worse for them, I'm sure.

I heard someone talking on the radio this morning about this and that they were praying for the miners to be found alive, then began to praise the Lord upon the initial notice that all but one had been found alive, then only to find that only one was alive.

It is hard for us to understand why God allows things to happen that we find so grevious, but his overall plan will be served in some fashion and we should remember to also pray that God be glorified through this hardship. It will be hard for some to understand that we do not operate on God's timetable and we are mostly very impatient, so seeing his plan will be difficult for those.

My heart goes out to all those affected and I pray that God comforts them in this loss, but I also pray that God will be glorified above all else.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

We're dead.

You have to read this. This is one of the best articles I've read on the decline of western civilization. As a Christian, I understand this and have for quite some time, but here's some cold hard facts that non Christians need to understand. In language they can understand. ;-)

Quick, let's sue somebody

I am the network admin for a small mfg company in Cincinnati, Ohio. Things for us are going pretty fair, as we stay busy and keep getting orders. The getting orders part is what keeps me happy about it.

Anyway, there's always something to come along and keep you on your toes, as with any job, so maybe I'm just making a big deal out of nothing here. Anyway, we mfr large capital equipment and deal with customer world wide. It's made me try to be more aware of users on the road if nothing else.

Anyway, we're still a privately owned company, so sarbox doesn't make life too miserable for us, but we still have to cover some of those things.

Now, I read this and find new laws are coming to force me to do things I don't have the equipment, nor budget for that matter, to do. Sheesh.

Monday, January 02, 2006

The commies are coming, the commies are coming!!

This news article has a list of US House of Representatives that need to be voted out of office. Please remember that if you live in a jurisdiction listed.

Yes, I know there's more than this list, but it's a start.

America! Love it or leave it!!! It's your right!

Fair weathered fan

Take it from a fair weathered Bengals fan.........they still stink.

Why do the people of Cincinnati root for these losers? I still think the local high school team could beat them.

After watching this weeks and last weeks games, how on earth did they win any games this season? Must've been an act of God....

Tragedy strikes home

How does this happen?

One of the cats is getting old (15 years) and cranky, not to mention, it's health is starting to fade. It's had problems keeping food down for the past couple of years and we've been giving it medicines constantly, including shots. I guess I kinda understand some of it's crankiness, but still, it's a fussy thing.

Anyway, Saturday morning, the wife had made an appt to take the cat to the vet to see why for the last month, the medicines weren't working too well. He always does blood tests and other things, which includes an x-ray. While on the xray table, the cat jerks and causes it's own leg to break. They can't set the leg, so they have to put it to sleep.

The wife is devastated. This was one of her babies and now it's gone. You can at least partially understand as she had the cat before we got married.

The vet has already called and apologized all over himself about it. He's a really nice guy and we've been taking all the pets to him for a lot of years.

I guess I'll have to get another cat.