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Monday, January 26, 2009

Understanding the meaning of words: FAIL

I was just accosted by 2 coworkers who asked me if I wanted Obummer to fail. I said yes I did. I want him to fail at all his leftist policies and practices. Our nation cannot afford it.

Their response was they couldn't believe I wanted my country to fail. I said you're wrong on all counts. Just the opposite, I want my nation to succeed on all counts, beyond my wildest dreams I want my nation to succeed.

Again their response was that if Obummer fails, the nation fails. My response was that if Obummer succeeds, my nation fails. (It's all in interpretation)

One of the 2 quickly drifted away at this point. However the other wanted to argue on, so I stuck it out.

He said he was tired of liberal and conservative media. He said he didn't like the hatred coming from conservative media, but failed to mention what he didn't like about liberal media. I asked what hatred was coming from conservative media, as he had mentioned Rush Limbaugh. Well, it's all just spewed hatred. When I asked him how he defined hatred, he switched to calling it spewed divisiveness. I said I didn't have a problem with that, so what was wrong?

I actually took the time to look up divisiveness and the definition is:
1. forming or expressing division or distribution.

2. creating dissension or discord.

Hatred however has a slightly different meaning:
Strong aversion; intense dislike; hate; an affection of the mind awakened by something regarded as evil.

I will say this....Rush does call a spade a spade. Liberalism is evil. I don't hate liberals, but I do have an intense dislike for their beliefs, actions and ideas.

How can this be? It's because hatred isn't defined well enough here to understand the difference. A biblical definition can be made this way. 1 John 3:15 says that whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer.

So, I can discern by this that if I really dislike someone enough to want them dead, then I hate him. So, by this definition, conservative radio (for the most part) isn't spewing hatred. It could be construed as divisiveness, which if it is, then so be it. (I believe somebody has to stir up the people of this nation before we perish.)

As a matter of fact, he's only spewing the truth. And if liberals hate anything, it's having to deal with the truth. Take the definition of evil: morally wrong or bad....the wicked or immoral part of someone or something. Liberals have redefined evil as anything that disagrees with their ideals so they don't have to deal with the moral part of evil (or what is the truth of the know, right and wrong).

But let's go back for a minute. I said that this was all in interpretation. Let's take a look at the previous administration. The media and practically everyone who didn't vote for George Bush, wanted him to fail, or went ahead and outright claimed he was a failure. The guy that stayed to argue with me said that Bush was a failure from 9-11 on.

Oh really?

So, it's ok to call the opposition a failure, but if I think your party should not be successful in dragging us further down the drain, I'm asking the nation to fail?


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Indiana supreme court rulings: FAIL

Good Lord, it's no wonder Indiana ranked 49th in the 50 states in education a few years back (at least we're up in the middle of the pack now). Apparently, some of those who were educated here during that time now sit on the state supreme court and some appeals courts as well....

The retarded city officials at Gary, IN have sued 16 gun mfr's claiming "guns are a public nuisance" and the highly "educated" people sitting on the highest bench in Indiana said the case should proceed. I'm sorry, how can a gun be a public nuisance???

If you leave something laying on the ground and someone trips over it, is the item on the ground the problem? No, the tard that left it laying there is the problem. If it was your sweater that your grandma hand knitted for you and somebody else left it on the ground, are you gonna sue granny?

If somebody doesn't clean the local park statues and they start rusting, are they a nuisance? I guess they could be, but that is only the result of someone not cleaning them, again the statue wasn't the problem, the lamebrain that didn't do his job is, or possibly his boss for not getting him to do the job in the first place. Or, maybe the city council for putting the statue up in the first place.

ATTENTION all you politically correct wanna-be's and think-you-are's: The gun isn't a nuisance unless the gun bearer is causing it to be a nuisance. Guns don't go off by themselves, it takes a warm body to pull the trigger or swat you upside the head with it.

Squirrels are a nuisance because they frequently destroy perfectly good bird feeders, but nobody is suing them. Winter weather is a definite nuisance, but I am most certainly not going to even try to sue God. Al Gore is a nuisance to the entire human race, but he didn't get sued.

I'm thinking since this retardo lawsuit is really aimed at trying to make someone pay for Gary's inability to enforce the law or it's just a politically correct cop-out. Either way, how it got past the first hearing is beyond my comprehension of common sense.

I'm wondering why car makers aren't being sued for the same exact thing because the gang members have to drive something in their driveby's. And what about clothing mfrs....these criminals have to wear something. Just wait, after the lawsuit, we'll have naked gangsters riding bikes shooting at people with slingshots or worse, flinging rotten fruit.

Of course, I've seen some clothing that the mfrs need to be brought up on charges anyway, regardless if the wearer had a gun or not, but that's another story....

Good Lord, even McDonald's should probably be investigated, at minimum, as these turkeys have to eat in order to sustain their nuisance-ness.

My minimum suggestion is to stay away from Gary, far away as you can. Ultimately, it's obvious a lot of people involved in this affair need prayers as well. Please don't forget them.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

God is great! 2

Praise the Lord, dad is back home from the nursing home and doing very well! A week ago, we were concerned that he wasn't going to be able to come home, but he has been doing really well with his rehab and was able to come home Sunday. We're all very happy and relieved that he's back home.


Friday, January 16, 2009

So this is what we have to look forward to?

I just read an article on Newsmax about the initial senate hearings on the nomination of Eric Holder to the office of Attorney General.

There are lots of things in this soon to be administration that really bother me, but this statement got my attention first:
In his opening statement, Holder promised to devote more resources to prosecuting financial fraud and civil rights violations. He told the panel, however, that national security would be his prime priority.

Hmmm. National security would be his prime priority. Hmmm. Think about that. Here's what I get from that. I thought the dept. of defense and homeland security has that as their first priority? Has he taken over their jobs or are we now turning war over to the lawyers?

Oh my God. Lawyers running wars?

Now that I've got you to think for a second, let's examine another statement he makes:
Holder in earlier testimony admitted he made mistakes in the 2001 pardon of fugitive financier Marc Rich, according to the Washington Post.

“That was the most intense, searing experience ... I’ve ever had,” Holder said. “This sounds perverse but I think I will be a better Attorney General, if confirmed, having had the Marc Rich experience.... It was not typical of the way I’ve conducted myself in a careful, thoughtful career.”

Probably the single most stupid decision this man has ever made is probably the single most important quality the attorney general of the US could ever need and he screws it up with a case of power screwdrivers set on high speed with no safety and a worn out driver bit. Do we really need this man in that powerful office?

And this one:
Holder testified that he recognized that the attorney general position requires some distance from the president. In response to a question on the issue from Sen. Herb Kohl, D-Wis., Holder said he would be ready to resign if President-elect Obama refused to follow his advice on critical legal issues of constitutional dimension.

Yeah right. We'll see about that won't we?


Thursday, January 08, 2009

Several vista options fixed in Windows 7...:FAIL

I recently read a post on ZDNet's site by Ed Bott where he discussed several of the large problems very publicly cussed and discussed about windows vista. Several are very interesting and informative. However, I'm still of the thought process that win 7 is just a service pack for vista that M$ will finally have completed the step from giving away service packs to charging a small fortune for service packs (and cleverly disguise it as a product upgrade).

But I thought he left out several key things that are serious enough to garner attention, at least from what I read about these things. Why hasn't win 7 addressed these?

    1. Vista isn't Windows XP.
    2. Vista isn't Linux.
    3. Vista isn't Mac OSx.
    4. Vista isn't win2000/win98/nt4/win95/dos.
    5. Vista IS win ME.

Let me expand on these if I may....

Vista isn't Windows XP
M$ has failed miserably by not putting a selection in the install screen that says install the OS with the "classic" xp interface. They also failed by still not allowing my already paid for applications to run on it.

Vista isn't Linux
Again they failed by not making this terribly difficult to figure out the interface, such as how to actually make the OS do something besides sit there and absorb electricity. Oh wait, they did that. Sorry, my mistake.

Vista isn't Mac OSx
They completely failed by not advertising that this OS is only good enough for elitist snobs and will only run on m$ hardware, none of this 3rd party crap that keeps the rest of the pc industry employed.

Vista isn't win2000/win98/nt4/win95/dos
Again they missed the boat by not making this OS slow enough to compete with these other OS's (dos not compared as they all appear to be a dos system anyway). Oh wait, it is slow. Horribly slow, unless you buy the equivalent of a desktop Cray supercomputer. But then, m$ failed with the release of win95 when they got rid of the tile feature of the system that would allow you to place 2 windows side by side. Yup, believe it or not, m$ is attempting to recreate one of their more useful functions by putting the tile feature back in win 7, which was in win 3!! Just be careful, it doesn't really work like the win 3 version....but hey at least they are putting it back....sort of.

Vista IS win ME
Hey, what can I say? If there ever was a "king of rushing a product to market", it would be Microsoft.

Whatever happened to NFS???

I've said all along....why do I have to continue to pay for fixes to windows 3? Look they're even putting features back in now that they removed over 13 years ago. At least when I upgraded from win2 to win3 it only cost me 25$ and I thought that was expensive.

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Belated merry Christmas happy new year to ya!

I have been busy over the Christmas & new year's holidays. You know, the typical here and there, work at home, bad weather, etc etc.

But the worst part was my dad fell and broke his leg 2 days before Christmas in an ice storm. Everyone was worried he broke his hip, but turned out he broke the leg bone a couple inches below the hip socket. Still painful and a lot of rehab and healing has to proceed, but at least it's more easily overcame than the hip getting broken.

So, if you get a chance say a prayer for him to be healed quickly and to keep his perseverance. Thanks and God bless you!